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  1. I think the arrested nigger is a descendant of...

    I think the arrested nigger is a descendant of the famous Gypshun Kang Coonhotep III:
  2. There were no niggers, back in Jesus' time, in...

    There were no niggers, back in Jesus' time, in Judea.

    Jesus never had a groid "disciple". Also, Apostles neither preached to nor converted a single nigger to Christianity. Jesus would have never...
  3. Avatar of the Year - groid arrested on multiple child porn charges (Eye bleach)

    "Groid John Monroe Jr., 26, was arrested and charged with several counts of distribution of child pornography and possession of child...
  4. Sheboon Amazon delivery driver stole couple’s dog and tried to sell it on Craigslist

    "Amazon delivery driver shitbeast Mycah Keyona Wade has been fired and arrested after police say she stole a dachshund from in front of a Texas couple's home and attempted to sell it online.
  5. Calvin Klein's new billboard (body "positive" sowpotamus)

    "An obscure cRapper named Chika Oranika has revealed she is one of the faces of the new Calvin Klein campaign."
  6. Why would a daycare take in a 15-year-old teenape...

    Why would a daycare take in a 15-year-old teenape ??? (9 human years = 15 nigger years)

    Glad to hear your son is unharmed and safe. You made the right decision by pulling out your children form...
  7. Star Trek "actor" raped 6 female students during private lessons at his hut

    "Groid Chris Obi (real name: Christopher Ogugua), who played a Klingon in Netflix show Star Trek: Discovery, was arrested at Heathrow Airport after being accused of raping and sexually assaulting six...
  8. Why are chimps always frowning?

    Q: Why are chimps always frowning?
    A: They have been told that in a million years they are going to devolve into niggers.
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    Robin Hood (2010) Tristan + Isolde (2006) ...

    Robin Hood (2010)

    Tristan + Isolde (2006)

    Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World (2003)
  10. Definitely not-like-us - Sow mama stabs her 3-year-old niglet

    "Sow Brittney Jackson has been arrested for repeatedly stabbing her 3-year-old female turdlet and then telling authorities the niglet was injured during a home invasion, deputies said. When officers...
  11. 2 Somalicoon "refugees" arrested in Arizona trying to go to Egypt to join ISIS

    "Two Somali apes (kindred of Coongress sow Ilhan Omar) who had lived in the United States as "refugees" were arrested in Arizona last week before boarding a flight to Egypt where they planned to...
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    I've heard niggers' lips can also be used as...

    I've heard niggers' lips can also be used as toilet plungers.
  13. Brooklyn block party shooting - 1 daid, 11 injured - Fat sow says she is bulletproof

    "The wild shoot-out that left one groid dead and another 11 wounded at a Brooklyn block party may have started as a drunken dust-up between gangbangers."
  14. Rise of the "British" apes - teens loot and vandalize Aldi supermarket in UK

    Related news thread:

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    Free subway ride

    Wahts yo lookinz att ?? Ah iz a Nigga an' Ah haitez ta payiz fo da tikiit !

    Groid hangs on train door
  16. Sow to Sonic: "My hamburger beez raw 'n sheiit. Gibs me dat $10,000!"

    "Shegroid Cassandra Brooks, a former Texas Department of Justice lieutenant (!!!) has been charged with felony insurance fraud for cooking up a scheme to trick Sonic out of $10,000 by claiming they...
  17. Be vigilant when you're taking out the trash!

    California couple hurt in very brutal attack by group of "teenagers" roaming outside their home (video)

    "A couple in California taking out the trash over the weekend ended up victims of a very...
  18. VERY DISGUSTING!!! - Nigger: The Pus Machine

    New name for shit-skinned groids: Pus machines or Pus-skinned
  19. Groid grad "student" rapes woman in campus, faces federal child pornography charges

    What happens when you take a rape ape out of the Apefreakan jungle, clothe it, teach it to ape your language and apefirmatively admit it to a university? Does it turn into a human? Of course not! A...
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    Catch Me If You Can (2002)

    Catch Me If You Can (2002)
  21. It's physically OK, but now it stinks worse than...

    It's physically OK, but now it stinks worse than Chicongo's sewage.
  22. Cannibals of the South Seas - short documentary filmed in 1918
  23. 'I had it in the bathroom, its dad tried to kill us': turdlet dumped on doorstep

    "A day-old niglet buck was found on Saturday in Orlando, Florida., abandoned on the doorstep of an apartment building with a note saying 'I had it in the bathroom. Its dad tried to kill us. Dad very...
  24. Anyone needs an avatar? - sow born without hands or legs

    "Chassidy Young was shat out of her mammy's anus with Tetra-Amelia syndrome, a congenital disorder which causes the complete absence or malformation of limbs. Shegroid Chassidy, who lives with her...
  25. Sow gets cold french fries at McDonald's, fires gun in the store

    "Shegroid Lillian Shantel Tarver faces multiple charges after police say she fired a gun at a Georgia McDonald’s when she became upset over being served cold french fries. Investigators say sow...
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