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Thread: Having Fun Screwing with Niggers on other sites!

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    i love what you guys are doing! I've done the same thing to a coon on Facebook. The ape got mad but didn't even report my fake account or block me. You should all join in! Lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by PoliticallyIncorrect View Post
    You gotta love this reply in regards to niggers getting reparations:

    "I'm not helping to fix what I, as well as my ancestors (who came here 40 years after slavery was ended), had ZERO hand in. If Blacks are equal to Whites (some Blacks say they are superior to Whites) then why do you always need Whitey's help to fix your problems? I know, it's called EXTORTION!!!!!! That, and zero work ethic.

    You may have fooled delusionally guilt-ridden, self-extinctive White libtards, but everyone else is on to you. Stop moaning and whining like pathetic bitches and pull yourselves up by your own bootstraps like everyone else does."
    You are using vocabulary, sentence structure, and grammar that are light years ahead of what most niggers are capable of comprehending.
    All niggers are guilty, though it is possible that some have been convicted of the wrong crime.

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