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Thread: Gibs denied, called rayciss of course!

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    Default Gibs denied, called rayciss of course!

    Hello, it's been a while since I've posted a coontact. I've still got a few on the back-burner from previous jobs that I need to post. I figure it's about time since it's been a couple years and no one important should remember them.

    I've been bouncing between dead-end temp jobs with all matter of odd hours because I was fired from a retail job a few months ago...which was a coontact.

    Anyway, I get a call for an interview in a few days so I need to get out and get something to wear since this is a nice office place. I go to the nearby mall and pass the pet adoption shop. Me, even though I can't afford to adopt, still like to look. I'm a sucker for all things animals. Cats, dogs, rodents, reptiles. I go in, gush over the cute fuzzballs, chat with the volunteers and decide to dump a $5 in the box that I was planning on using for mall lunch, but eh. Also I was hoping for a few 'karma points'

    As I'm about to head out, before I end up with a new best friend, this DISGUSTINGLY obese sow of indeterminable age that stanks of....I don't know what...stale cigarettes, BO, shit...and just general nigger, waddles over to me and it goes something like this:

    Sow: ey!! Kin yew gibs me sum money? I gots ta git home...mah car is out of gas and Ah needs ta git home befo mah keeeds do.

    Me: *manages to hold back upcoming vomit* Uh, no I don't have any cash on me. *I then turn to walk off*

    Sow: *gets in my way and looks indignant* Ah saws you puts sum money in dat box...!

    Me: Yep, that's all I had. *shrugs*

    Sow: So yous will gibs to dem useless animals bu not to an axuel puhson!?

    Me: *gives an AW HELLZ NAH look to this she-ape but I still manage to keep my voice low enough just in case, but it's still threatening* Hey, I never got any GIBS for ANYTHING. I can't afford KEEDS or even a 'useless animal' but I can afford my own gas and if I want to throw $5 away to whatever ANIMAL charity then that's my business. Maybe you shouldn't have wasted your welfare on so damn much KFC!

    Sow: Y'ALL JUS RAYCISS!! *rather loudly hoping somehow will hear, but it's too early for any niggers or many humans*

    Me: *whispers* Fuck you, nigger.

    I then run back into the shelter and tell the employees to call security because I was threatened with bodily harm because I wouldn't give that 'woman' any money.

    The sheeboon ooks a few more unintelligible 'words' and starts to waddle off. Hopefully security got her. She sure couldn't waddle very fast.

    Ah, niggers, they absolutely HATE animals...except chickens, that are fried. I've seen so many articles where they troll about animal abusers of any race. If it's a YT person they'll either chimp out about how everyone gets all upset over a white man (or whatever, but it's mostly men they like to comment on) hurting/killing an animal but it's ok for an 'innocent [email protected] man' to be killed by whites. That or they agree that the white human deserves punishment. HOWEVER, if it's a nigger that hurts an animal "it's just dey culture, iz just a useless animal, dey dindonuffin, dey just had bad upbringing, dey desuhve anudda chance", and of course "y'all just rayciss and why does an animal have mo' rights than a [email protected] person!?" Well, they either hate animals or they hate how much most humans love and cherish animals.

    Niggers disgust me with that 'animals have more rights than they do' bullshit. No, our tax dollars keep them alive while animals are used in horrible experiments paid for with tax money, or if there's too many in a non no-kill shelter they have to be euthanized. Abusers often get slapped on the wrist, and they're mostly niggers! Also, veterinarians are often forced to euthanize perfectly healthy pets when owners grow tired of them.

    Of course, good pet owners SPAY and NEUTER their pets so they don't cause overpopulation of unwanted animals, have bad aggressive behavior due to the urge to mate, and don't mark their territory. Can you imagine if every welfare nigger aka 'pets of the government' were required to be spayed or neutered before 'adoption'? They have all those characteristics when they reach breeding age.

    That's it for me, sorry about the rant at the end there.
    The three Rs for humans-Reading, Writing and Arithmetic

    The three Rs for niggers-Raping, Rioting and Robbing

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    I don't even acknowledge niggers, I just walk right past them as if they are ghosts.

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    The only "gibs" that black nigger animal "woman" deserves is a one-way ticket to Niggeria.
    Pizza for humans, dirt pizza for nigger animals.

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    Every single time I see an emaciated horse or other large animal - it is without a doubt a nigger.




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    Quote Originally Posted by Niggernest View Post
    I don't even acknowledge niggers, I just walk right past them as if they are ghosts.
    This is the best way to deal with a feral nigger.
    Turn off your TV
    Turn on some Music

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    Most animals have a use. Niggers....not so. I love animals. All of them. Even little spiders and snakes (they are God's critters too), niggers...not so.

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