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Thread: Chinese hate niggers, too many niggers in Guangzhou

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    Thumbs down Chinese hate niggers, too many niggers in Guangzhou

    as i said,too many fucking niggers in guangzhou,nearly600thousand african niggers,most of them are with AIDS,they fuck chinese girls spreading disease,stealing,robbing,beating people,these niggers should not
    exist,fuck,i hate them so much,they are destroying our cities,i do not know what is the fucking wrong with chinese governments letting these ugly niggers with AIDS go into our country

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    I'm Chinese. I even saw a nigger today on the subway. He lowered our the average IQ on that subway by at least 5 points.

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    Guangzhou is hub of manufacturing, in fact in China, some chinese cities like Guangzhou hire workers without interviews.
    No employment problems there.
    Don't let nigger pest come in and destroy the fine,manufacturing base.

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    I understand your pain, sir.

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    Beware! Your cities may look like some of ours in a few decades if you let them in. Here are pictures of just one. Detroit was once known as the Paris of North America for it's beauty. Now it is a suburb of Hell. http://all-that-is-interesting.com/a...detroit-photos
    "The Negro is a wise and noble race who carries themselves with a quiet dignity", said no one, ever.

    One day niggers will only be found in museums and fossil beds.

    Give a hungry nigger a fish, you've fed him for a day;
    Let him starve to death and you can forget about him forever.

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    I don't live in China but I live in Chinatown and holy fuck do these niggers make their presence known now at all times of day. They are everywhere, all the time. Chinatown is full of fucking niggers now. How did that happen, when and why?

    Cops cops cops. Everywhere all the time. First niggers invade Chinatown, and now cops patrol, intimidate, and harass everybody. Meanwhile niggers walk proud like they conquered a new neighborhood. Cop presence is at sci-fi B-movie level, and niggers plow through knocking over merchant tables and racks on the sidewalk and giggle/grin about it and stagger like dey got street cred n shiit, cuz nobody be 6in deez nigs cuz society too scared a take on deez gorillies one atta time on a nigga-nigga indibijual basis. Untupchtbaull. Jubst like Tony Montana n Al Capone. Sheeeiit yeh nigga be a Godfather too.

    Niggers are like robots with spaghetti for brains. Educated from TV, in prison or dead by age 24 but not before robbing you blind and vandalizing your historical property.


    They are a dream come true are they not? They are the Andromeda Strain of society. Even pop music is niggerfied, even the whitest of white pop stars have been niggerfux'd. Fuck them all, every single motherfucking one of them.

    Worse than Spetznas.......... Niggers......... Penetrating society, ruining everything. Now endorsed by all the media.

    "Niggers are cute!!!" - Big Media

    "That's racist!!!!!!!!!" - Media commentary when an evil unhuman monster is convicted of a monstrosity.

    Niggas be maid a sheeyiit n mo shiit. Dilly damn dawg! Sheeeyiiiit!!!! Demore da sheeyiiit, da bigga denigga. Nigga be a big heap a sheeyiit n slaved up since a donna time. Sheeeyiit nigga dasda big game all I's need now is some MACdonalds.

    Culturally it is a toilet bowl.


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    It's amazing. I just did a search and there are articles all over the place, from HuffPo, National Geographic, complaining that the Chinese are racist against blacks. Here's a thought: Don't go to China! They don't want you there so what is there to argue? Black people do not belong in China, they belong in Africa. Leave it to niggers to not figure out the basic concept to not go where you're not wanted.

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    It really is as simple as that. What in the hell are they going to China for anyways? Pull that "enslaved for 400 years" thing and demand that 1989 affirmative action shit in China and see where it gets you. These people execute member of their own government when paperwork doesn't jive or a product recall causes stocks to drop.

    Niggers are a glutton for punishment.

    And Sweden..... Unless you are Chuck D and on a tour, what in the god damn fuckity fuck are you doing there??? Hello???? It is Sweden for a fucking reason. It's not fucking Philly.

    Apparently Russia still don't put up with their bullshit. Other than there, I can't think of a place that isn't infested/infected in 2017.

    I loved the knockout video from than vigil in France last year. Stupid fucking obnoxious uncourteous nigger staggers up into a vigil/prayer/mourning thing with his obamaphone ringing out like a jiggaboojoobox and the attention-seeking and manure-level-intellectual self-loving care-free slickity-slickster and too cool jive-jungling-jiggaboo gets laid the fuck out and is out cold before he even hits the ground.


    Niggers ruin every neighborhood, state, province and country. They also ruin companies. Even amusement parks are awful experiences now. Holy fuck where is the fun in that now when it's all niggers chimping out and shooting a rap video with their phone all over the fucking place. They basically ruin everything and their sense of entitlement is off the charts. They starve for attention and are addicted to MSG and celebrity bullshit.

    The apes in the beginning of 2001: A Space Odyssey were light years ahead of modern niggers.

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