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Thread: Students Demand Free College Tuition For Niggers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Last one down's a boogie View Post
    Yep,true. My little dachshund is black,and she hates niggers.
    Hahaha! Love it.

    The wife and have had over a period of 35 years, 4 Dachshunds, 2 at a time. They all lived to be 16-18 years old. They all hated niggers!

    Even while riding in the car downtown they'd go berserk when they spotted niggers on the sidewalks. Barking like crazy, pawing the windows, biting the seat belts hanging down from the holders on the sides of the C Pillars. Sometimes they'd even go at each other! LMAO!

    These little dogs are extremely feisty, and protective!

    I miss them dearly.

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    Nigger parasites demanding even more free shit.

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    You could give all the stinky dirty niggers millions in reparations and it wouldn't be enough. It will never be enough for these animals. Never happy, never satisfied. Always YT's fault
    God I despise worthless, theiving, prowling niggers.

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    Meanwhile, there are HBCU's Historically (hysterically) Black Colleges and Universities. Most of these were originally 2 or even 1 year colleges in the South to educate nigger schoolteachers. Eventually, some of these added medical, dental and law schools. This was done for 2 basic reasons, first, to keep niggers out of human colleges while meeting the needs for teachers in nigger schools and second to provide for the education of niggers as doctors and lawyers so as to minimize human/nigger interaction.
    Talking to old timers, the system worked pretty well up through the 50's or so. Niggers pretty much kept to their part of town and did not generally get too uppity around humans.

    Now, the nigger colleges pretend to be no different from human colleges while anyone who has had the misfortune to interact with their graduates know is far from the truth. Giving niggers free college education is sort of like painting a dogs toenails, it makes the person who did it feel better about themselves. But, the animal really does not appreciate it.
    Some obsolete farm equipment is better than others.

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