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Thread: Nigstink nausea

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    Default Nigstink nausea

    Had to go into Walmart unfortunately to pick up a new Bluetooth to replace my broken since one they were the only store open at the time yesterday. I saw the usual crowd of NIGGERS all over the store and simply avoided them like I always do. When I went into the electronic section I unfortunately had to walk right by one. That was when the worst reek ever assailed my nostrils. This nasty buck smelled like cigarette smoke, freshly burned marijuana, stale beer, and on-the-rag dead skunk ass. I got my Bluetooth and got the hell out of there before I puked all over the cash register floor area.
    BEWARE NIGGERS!! We white humans who are your true masters are DONE with dealing with your niggershines!!! It is far past time that you get your nigger asses out there in those cotton fields and start picking our cotton like you were shipped over here to do in the first damn place. And you better get this done and quickly, or we are going to start demanding OUR slavery reparations for OUR ancestors' slaves getting stolen from us by YOUR ancestors who refused to continue working.

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    I try to avoid Walmart as much as possible. If I do go, I've found that around 7am is a good time to go before the disgusting niggers wake up to come ruin every human's shopping experience.

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    Another way niggers make humans life miserable. There r 2 walmarts within 15min of me but I must travel 30 min to get 2 a Walmrt. that is not niggrified. Guess its another form of a nigger tax.

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