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Thread: It's tough to be a Christian around niggers

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    helping/feeding niggers is not charity. #1 reason I will not give my time to build boxes for those things.

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    Never ever give to a charity. It always ends up going to niggers.

    Always give directly to needy white families, especially military families. I personally donate to the legal defense funds of white police officers sued by niggers or their 'famblees'.
    If you think you can debate a racist and win or prove us wrong, click on the link below:


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    The last time I was asked by a religious group to donate money for needy families was outside of a store. Not being one to mince words, I did as I always do- I asked, "Do you mean needy WHITE families or are you collecting for blacks?" I would use the word "niggers" but that would probably shock them too much. In any case, I was told that their parishioners are all white families. I said, "Good. If you were collecting for blacks, I wouldn't give you anything. They get enough freebies from the government already."
    The man said, "I know."
    It was an individual church so I did donate but I won't donate to large orgs as they're all nigger coddlers. I later looked the church up and it was legitimate and in a solid white area. Even then, I still felt (and still do) somewhat doubtful as many churches are apostate churches that teach liberal nonsense, want to coddle niggers and even import them from Apefrica.

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    Niggers already get free food, free housing, free medical care, and their sprog get free meals at school. Take a look at the names on angel trees around Christmas. You'll see a bunch of nigger names. I used to buy for two or three kids every year until I woke up and realized I already support niggers with my taxes. Major charities primarily support niggers. Government assistance programs primarily support niggers. Do-good individuals primarily support niggers. Food banks primarily support niggers, so even with EBT they still get more free food. At the holidays, niggers can't be bothered to plan ahead with their EBT funds so charities hand out more free food so niggers can have a "traditional" meal. Some places have tried community gardens so niggers can grow some of their own food. They fail. If humans plant and maintain the stuff, niggers will simply steal it.

    For example, one hook international charities use is asking for money to put in water wells so niggers can have fresh water. People have been digging wells since before the time of Moses and yet niggers can't manage to do it themselves. Niggers can't manage to build roads, install sewers and treatment plants, govern themselves, feed themselves, or care for themselves. There isn't one a single county, state, or nation that has improved and thrived under nigger rule. In fact, it's just the opposite. Look at Chicago, Atlanta, Detroit, Zimbabwe, Haiti, South Africa. Niggers can't even manage to take care of their residences. Wherever they move, destruction follows.

    Animal shelters and public libraries are what I support now and I'm very picky about the ones I give to.

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    There are plenty of worthy ways to help our fellow human in need. If you have elderly neighbors, they are always appreciative of somebody that can lift something or even simply change an outside porch lightbulb (and things like that also prevent crime - they can turn on the light and see if a nigger is on the porch).

    Certainly donate extra clothing directly to your church. One thing that a lot of people are too shy to ask for but often need are coats and jackets. If you see somebody that looks like they could use one, and you have some extras that you can't or don't wear, share them!

    This, obviously, applies to white people that you know, or encounter in passing. Generosity towards others in the here and now with actions and goods go a lot further, are more meaningful and prevent graft than just writing a check to some charity.

    I don't care how much a person gives, I guarantee that changing some lady's porch light is worth a lot more than whatever somebody donates that ends up in the hands of a nigger and nigger enablers.

    The nigger enablers are the ones that are the problem.

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