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Thread: Baltimore wants you to visit - new tv commercial

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    Default Baltimore wants you to visit - new tv commercial

    Well it seems the niggers that run this shithole didn't figure that 10000 niggers rioting and looting for a week on TV would have no impact on tourism. In dc they are running a new tv spot extolling the beauty of a day trip to Baltimore . In the real world they are averaging a murder a day in 2017. It's so bad that niggers organized their own march. It's too late . The cops, politicians, tourists and the world know the place is toast.

    Come to Niggermore and see weird criminal niggers from the safety of our Bradley fighting vehicles! See real niggers sitting on stoops of row houses or take in a sheboon street fight. Fun for the whole family!


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    The only place worth seeing in Baltimore is the inner harbor. It has the old tall ships, the National Aquarium, and a few nice restaurants. Everything else after a block or two is nothing but niggers
    For 60 years, the jigs were given "equal opportunity" and equal access to all things in society and they've consistently shown that this social experiment was a total failure.
    Today the best gibs program for the niggers is a 1st Class, one-way ticket back to Da Mudda' Lan to never return or pay niggers to get sterilized. Even at $50k per sterilization, it would pay for itself in a single fiscal year.
    Without the burden of niggers we'd be 20 years further advanced in science & technology

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    Neighborhoods plagued by crime? No. Neighborhoods plagued by niggers.

    The key statement in the article is "And making sure we have programs to address our young people." That's the goal of the march as it is with all such marches- GIBSMEDATS! Which brings up the question- when humans finally wake up to the fact that all these nigger marches, public BBQ's, candlelight vigils and so on are just nigger bullshit aimed at getting sympathy and gibsmedats and nothing ever changes......what on earth will the niggers do when humans cut off the gibsmedats since they've realized it's utterly pointless to throw money at niggers? We all know the answer- nigger rioting!

    The only way I'd visit Baltimore Harbor is if they built a 20 foot wall topped with razor wire around the harbor area and the only way to get in was to park 50 miles away and be flown in by helicopter. Plus they'd have to ban niggers from being inside the wall. Even then, the helicopter would have to approach the harbor from the sea while flying at a low altitude to avoid all the niggers that wanted to shoot at it.

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    Who in the hell would want to go visit "Mogadishu West"? Keep yourselves and your tourist money out of that nigger infested cesspool.

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    Forget Niggermore! Come to Shitcongo! We have a Bean and .......... ah let me think.................did I mention we have a Bean? Plenty of parks on the south and west side to observe natural wild life. Just a short trip to historic Gary, Indiana with plenty of open space. Sample the diverse variety of Afro Centric upscale restaurants like Harold's Chicken Shack! Or maybe some tasty regional seafood from Sharks.

    All this fun is easily accessible from some of the best public transportation in the world. Enjoy a relaxing train ride while sampling local music and craft malt liquor. Locals are always more than helpful with directions. Which way be O'Hare? Sheeet it be that away knowwhtamsaying.

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