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Thread: Hello for NJ!

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    Default Hello for NJ!

    I can't tell you all how happy I am to be here. My resentment of the colored folk has been brewing for years and finally came to head. A little about me. I'm 35 from New (Nig) Jersey. I'm Italian so I'm not stranger to my parents and extended family bashing moolinyans(niggers). As a kid, I listened to some rap and had black friends, sadly my area is very integrated. But as time went on I realized what savage, ignorant, lazy, criminal beasts that the nigger is. I was always somewhat envious of the nigger in one way. No matter what happens in your life, you can blame it on racism. My white ass can't but the nigger can literally blame every misfortune starting from their fatherless childhood on whitey and racism. This also means you get to bear absolutely no personal responsibility for anything. Must be nice and yet they still complain.

    For a long time I kept my feelings internalized. Then one day during the election I wore a red MAGA Trump hat in public. Everywhere I went some nigger or nigger bitch swung in on their vine to give me a cross eye, attitude, or flat out call me a racist. So that's what I am and I'm goddamn proud of it! The final tipping point for me to join in on the nigger bashing was yesterday. I sat down to a beautiful sushi lunch with my mother. The restaurant had ESPN on. As my food was served, an interview with Lavar Ball went on. Ruined my whole meal. I was forced to watch this monkey cocksucker talk about getting his mutant children billions, BILLIONS, of dollars because they can play niggerball. It was the last straw. I've snapped and so happy I've found a place where I can say how I really feel to people that understand me!

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    Howdy, neighbor! Truer words were never spoken.

    Niggers can fuck up an anvil.

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    Welcome aboard, BlueStateNightmare!

    Please accept your Certificate of Membership as our way of welcoming you to the forum where the word nigger is not only accepted but the only way to refer to the shit skinned beasts that roam among us. Take a moment and read the rules for the forum before posting (link below). And again, thanks for joining and we look forward to your posts.

    Forum Rules


    Pronunciation: dass koo'
    Function: Negro patois. Expression of assent.
    Etymology: Middle English col, from Old English cōl; akin to Old High German kuoli cool, Old English ceald cold
    Date: Mid 20th century and later.
    English equivalent: 1. That is acceptable. 2. I agree.

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    That's awesome! Thank you! I haven't heard moolinans since the sopranos Uncle Ben's episode!

    Good times! Welcome to niggermania!

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