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I had to have a document notarized and my bank offers the service for free. I made my way there and had to wait a bit at the desks to have the process done. I confirmed with a teller that that was indeed the proper place to wait. She wanted to confirm the people there were indeed notaries when seven minutes past the hour in walks LaQuisha and the teller says, "oh she's a notary."

Great, I figure. This will go well (not). I know what to expect. LaQuisha disappears for about 10 minutes in the back. The teller tells me the negress told me to wait at her desk. I sit down and wait several more minutes. LaQuisha finally appears, but just as quick as it appeared it said to no one in particular, without even looking at me, "I forgot my key. I'll be right back." Great.

In the mean time as I play on my phone waiting I glance over my shoulder and notice a niglet has entered the bank with one of those boxes of candy synonymous with the typical nigger fake charity scam. I go back to my phone and hear the unmistakable noise of boot lips smacking. I think its the nigress finally returning, but its the niglet approaching me looking to sell candy. "Scuse me, suh would you like to buy some candy." I'm not really sure what it said because I was already getting ready to say no.

Finally the nigress returns several minutes later to do its job. It says, "What do you need?" and grabs the document and looks at each piece of paper, but doesn't read them (of course). It finds the page it needs to affix its signature and seal to and tells me to write in the state and county (its job to write those), and print my name and sign. It walks away again. I contemplate for a moment if I should sign without it there because I'm pretty sure a notary is supposed to watch you sign. Fuck it. I sign and throw the pen down and again await the nigress to return. It finally returns once again and gets to completing what it needs to do. It signs and seals the document.

A little bit of research shows that it was supposed to make sure I understood what I was signing and more importantly make me verbally affirm my obedience to the laws and things contained in the page it notarizes. Of course it didn't do this. Of course a nigger would take the easy and unethical (illegal?) way out.

It also gave me its card. The first thing I did when I got home was wash my hands and throw the card out.

Fucking niggers.
Not only is the notary supposed to confirm that you understand the document and watch as you sign it they are also supposed to confirm that you are who you claim to be by checking your identification and then in every state there is usually a requirement that the notary actually document everything (name of person, type and identification number of ID used to verify identity of signer, type of document etc.) in a log book so that if there are subsequent questions about the document/notarization the information would be available. It's actually state law in most cases.

If I were you I'd contact the department of your state that is responsible for notary licenses and report this nigger to them as it is obviously not following proper notary procedures when notarizing documents.