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Thread: Why do you ALL hate niggers so much?

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    Default Why do you ALL hate niggers so much?

    It's kind of antisocial behavior

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    Instead of deleting this post, I'll respond to it.

    Read the news and look at the crime statistics by race. Look at the amount of money in our national budget that goes to freeloading Americans; look at what percentage of those freeloaders are niggers. Look at what has happened to American society and morals since this country started kissing nigger ass.

    It's not antisocial behavior, it's informed behavior.
    If I had a house nigger, it would look like Obama.

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    And if I may respond, the most of us, have bad experiences with niggers, or quite irritated by the behaviour of niggers. Being obnoxious, showing off, and all other habits associated with niggers is anti social. I don't hate niggers, I consider them more like vermin. I don't hate rats, but I'm disgusted by them.
    The only blacks who I support are the All Blacks!!!
    I ❤ you Katie of www.fstdt.com, when you quote me!!!

    Niggers and humans are not the same species, humans got Neanderthal DNA. So hug your inner Neanderthaler.
    My own rules:
    1: Avoid/ ignore the groid
    2: Breaking the law is for niggers, so stick to the law
    3: the shitskin is the problem/ root of all evil
    4: The shit skin is a parasite
    5: The shit skins are cowards
    6: It's not our equal
    7: It's burden to society

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    I don't hate niggers any more than I hate poisonous snakes. Both behave according to their nature. But I recognize the danger from both.

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    Let's see..........

    First time I ever got sucker punched was 1st grade.......nigger!
    First time bike stolen from yard.......nigger!
    Attacked in pool in at Boy's Club.....nigger!
    Had friend shot and killed by armed robber.......nigger!
    Had my home town get run down......niggers!
    Where do all my tax dollars in Illinois go?.......niggers!

    Not to mention having to deal with them in a retail setting. Having to supervise the always late and belligerent niggers. That's just the personal experiences. Talk about anti-social, what do you call running around the neighborhood shooting each other like they do in Chimpcago?

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    Because they are barbaric and an abomination to this earth. PERIOD!!

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    Do you hate rats and flys? By the same reason we hate niggers.

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    26,884,000 nigger welfare recipients (not including medicaid) http://www.statisticbrain.com/welfare-statistics/

    9,376,500 13.3% population factored into 70.5 million on medicaid
    __________________________________________________ _______________
    36,260,500 lazy niggers

    42,748,703 total nigger population (2015 census) https://www.census.gov/quickfacts/

    84.8% lazy niggers
    15.2% feetsball, bakkaball, Affirmative Action, Other

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    We are not the antisocial ones. Open up any news reader ... nigs nigs and more nigs committing crimes. Are you deaf dumb and blind or just stupid ? And I demand an answer you dumb twat.

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    They create nothing and destroy everything.
    RIP Johnny Rebel

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