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Thread: More Police Force Coontacts: Early Years / Golden Oldies:

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    Default More Police Force Coontacts: Early Years / Golden Oldies:

    When I finnished serving my country as many of us do (Thankyou to those who have and those who support). I joined the Police , as my father had been a policeman for many years and had recently retired to work on training his hunting dogs he breeds. My mother is a nurse who last year retired after 30+ years working . Only retiring a little early due to very serious health issues.

    THIS WAS THE 1990's:
    And I don't miss them one bit. Here are a couple of my fav. Incidents I remember very well. Hope you get a good laugh:

    1/ Three Hoopie Pile Up in Brooklyn:
    Early onSunday morning about 2-3am we get call out to a Three Car Pile up in Brooklyn. Great we need at least two cars and the dispatch sends my partner and I and another pair who were good friends with out to deal with the accident. We are told the caller who reported the accident sounded very stressed and was a witness to what had happened and she thought at least one person had passed on (to put it kindly).
    On the way there we got as much information as we could . One of those old Ford Vans from the 1970's or so (a van Hoopie rust bucket). Had run a red light and t-boned a tiny jap crap sedan fast enough to push it aside and hit a big old Caddy that was trying to swerve to miss the whole mess and the van hit them head on. I shook my head thinking bet it was drunk drivers or stoned drivers.

    Sure enough we get there and the other pair arrive right behind us . One of them goes to the witness who called it In to get details of what they saw etc and the other three of us go over to servey the scene . And call in we need at least 2 ambulances and a punch wagon (what we term a hearse) and for the coroner . I'm thinking oh this is gonna be a fun night .

    I take the van just general look at my partner takes the little Japanese Import and the other ones partner goes over to talk to the couple standing next to the elderly ancient Caddy that didn't look like it had much injury at all.

    THE VAN:
    At first I can only see the back from where I'm standing and no one is out of the car so im thinking someone maybe hurt or trapped in the front . As the third guy get around the van to the Caddy he calls to me to get myself over there in a hurry as he is suddenly moving toward the van away from the couple near the old Caddy. Thinking something is on fire or whatever I rush over and around to his side to see ..... The driver .... Laying across the bonnet of the Caddy . He had gone through the front window of the van having not worn a seat belt as well as running a red light.... No guessing what color the driver was .... A damned Nigger. Fucking wonderful . Sadly not to be outdone he had a mate in the front seat who also was allergic to seat belts who'd hit the Caddys bonnet and rolled off , he was laying dead on the ground with his head split open . The nigger on the bonnet was missing the top third of his head from the eyebrows up ( his scalp and brains were on the ground to his left). Two body bags we count and get things out of the car ready to go cover them when the ambulances show up and other police have by now shut off the roads around the intersection. The van that is held together by bits of rust holding hands is a write off ... And of course had ridiculous expensive rims on it that were worth 10x the van.
    Oh well two less Niggers there in the world no loss!!

    Elderly couple in the 60's were very shaken up but ok. A couple of scraps and a bruise or three and they went off for observation at the hospital. Later heard they were ok and so was their car. It only had a small ding on the bumper and the van looked like it had hit a brick wall.

    A Honda from memory some little sport thing was obviously stronger than it looked the lady driving It was very very lucky that she had been on the far side of the car when the van hit her as she was going the other way. She was initially knocked out by the force of the impact and fractured a wrist holding onto the steering wheel . She went off to the hospital and she spent a couple of days in there making sure she was ok. The little car had saved her but was a total loss. We saw her a year or so later she was well and happy and had bought herself a elderly Mustang.

    The two deceased were both well over the limit drink wise and high as kites on speed when they hit the little Honda going threw the lights they probably didn't even see the car or the lights before they came to their end. Neither of them had identification on them so finger prints had to be checked. That's the only way we could find them...... Less surprising was the fact they both had warrents and all for drug and violence . No Nigger University for them .. They were 19 and 18 yrs old at the time. Both were fathers .... No suprise there. I'm just glad I wasn't their when their mammy's came to identify them. I heard all hell broke loose.

    2/ NiGGER KNifE FIGHT:
    7pm Friday Night we get a call to a well known Appartment building I won't name in the shitty nigyork suburbs . Mostly over run by niggers now sadly. Called to a knife fight . Two guys fighting over a woman and the baby ( who's woman she was and who was the baby daddy etc) . It got heated and flick knives were out and the enevitable happened. And what a mess.
    One less Nigger in the world (DNA tests proved he wasn't the daddy and also proved neither was the other guy !! Also no suprise!!). The other Nigger was carted off to Nigger University where I believe he still resides. Along with killing this guy he had a stack of outstanding warrents ... More no suprise!! Oh well I'll be long retired before he sees light of day.
    Poor woman who was living with the now deceased is back by herself till the next wannabe stepdaddy turns up at least... The kids got no chance nigger or not.

    Called to a House in Lower shithole Brooklyn where a neighbour had called in seeing a guy stuck half way out her neighbours window. He had been yelling out for a while and origionally she had thought her new nigbours had been fighting again. But when she heard a scream and a crash she'd gone outside to see this guy sticking half out the window and not moving . Thinking the neighbours had done each other in she called for the police.
    So we go over the place is dark except a porch light very dull over the door but enough to know that Jamal here had got stuck into the window and was jammed there by a big peice of glass in his chest.
    Oh what a pity ...... Another DOA.
    The reason he had got in this way was rather strange even for a nigger.
    A week or so ago he had moved in with his girlfriend and the night before they had got some good drugs and since then had been using and screwing and using and fighting. We broke into the place finding her huddled in the corner of the kitchen frightened out of her skull. The last shoot up they had was apparently a bad trip and both were seeing things.
    She wouldn't move out of the corner saying the devil had chained her there for being wicked (ok I know nuts right bit I've delt with worse) ... We got a female liaison officer to come and deal with her and we finally worked out what happened with him through what she finally spoke out later at the hospital were she was being monitored and later spent time in their soft rooms for a couple of months.
    DEAD NIG SEES....... :
    Apparently after having his bad trip the dead Henigger was seeing ghosts in white robes (dressed like the klan I guess) chasing him around the ground floor of the house. Until one apparently got to close or at least that's what he screamed to his other half before he tried in successfully to jump through the window.
    One Nigger in a Nigger Bag.
    One Shenigger in hospital and then in the funny coat where the sleaves tie in back and living in a soft room for a few months.
    After going to court she got a fine for drugs (there was only residue left sadly only enough to really fine her for) and what had happened to her had scared her off drugs she said for life. I don't know as I've not seen her since . But I do know that whole neighbourhood is now all niggers.


    3/ SUICIDE: Nigger shot himself in the head the gun slipped and he blew off half his face. His wife rushed in to try to stop him but he re-aimed and fired. This time he didn't miss and covered his dumb shenigger in his worthless brains. We found her in the middle of the road sitting and rocking . The neighbours called us they thought she'd killed him . It was lucky for her the street was a dead end and she didn't get run over. She spent overnight in the hospital and henigger went into a nigger bag.

    This one was a real bright spark. Not being able to get his BBQ to light due to some dumb reason or rather probably wood was too damp or something as dumb. And grabbed some lawn mower fuel to throw on the wood. Fuel goes on him, his arm and leg and on the wood as this guy is also well over the limit into drink. He gets his match and lights it with the arm covered in fuel and throws it on the wood (the match not his arm). A wadda you know well that got the BBQ started.... Unfortunately for our would be Chef it got him started too.... And his clothes and his shoes and his stupid do rag thing (god I hate those fucking things). So what does he do... Go to the hose ... No. Yell for his wife to help.... No.
    This idiot who CAnNOT SWiM jumps into the pool that's in his yard for his swim able kids.... His wife hearing him yell runs out in time to see her Flambe husband jump in the pool and having her sail foam in hand (the old Brick phones) called 911. And tried in vain to get him out of the pool. He out weighed her and so it was no dice.
    We pulled A crispy Soggy Mr Masterchef nigger out of the pool with her screaming we'd better save him or she'd sue..... Yeah good luck with that honey he's been underwater for nearly 10mins unless he's an amazing breath holder you have no chance. The ambulance officers of course try all they can but sadly the crispy soggy nigger had left out presence ( sadly he didn't smell better from his sudden bath I think the Flambe didn't help much). So off he goes in the typical nigger bag. She goes off to hospital for treatment of shock and suspected hyperthermia .

    And I was wishing I had those nights off. Because the following court and coroners shit following it all was a massive headache and that wasn't even as bad as the damned paperwork we had to do in triple.... Oh shoot me now!! Glad I rarely have to do such hands on as a Detective.

    Glad I got into Helping with Old Cases work. We really do get some very interesting old ones from way back.
    "Segregation was the best thing they ever did for us. Stopping it was the worst and we are still and will forever be paying for the change.Bring Back Segregation and save the decent white people of the world."


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    Keep the stories coming ... too bad you can't sell them on Amazon

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    "Crispy, soggy nigger"

    I could not stop laughing.

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    BBQ Nigger, Whoosh, eek, splash, gurgle gurgle. Classic.

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    Thanks for your service to the community.

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    Thankyou everyone for your reply. And our kindness to my attempts at story writing first since high school outside of typical police paperwork shit. Glad I can entertain you. I will write more in the near future now I know your all interested. This was put out to see if there was enough interest and now seeing there was I'll post more soon to come.
    Many thanks again.

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    TNB max level 10.
    niggers are creating niggermaniacs wherever niggers are.

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    Very interesting stories. Thanks for your service also.
    Jim Crow wasn't a bullfrog but he was still a very good friend of mine!

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    Fab read, keep the stories coming please

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    Awesome post. Thank you for sharing.
    Thank you for your service as well.

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