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Thread: My First Coontact 1975

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    Default My First Coontact 1975

    Summer of 1975 I lived in Jersey City, Heights section near St Anne's. No niggers, never saw one unless I went to Journal Square or Central Ave. Anyway ...

    I spent two weeks at camp. There were two groups; one white & hispanic, and the niggers. Thankfully segregated tents. Over the two weeks I saw my first examples of basic TNB. Shucking, jiving, ooking, and eeking. Several campers reported minor theft and the nigger population thinned near daily.

    They kept singing this song about sardines and pork & beans. But worst of all was the howler monkey shrieks and the daily bullshit we human kids had to deal with.Ever since I have known they weren't "just like us."

    My mom got real pissed at me for saying the niggers ruined camp when the parish priest asked how the trip went. Mom was a burgeoning liberal and she just hated being embarassed by my lack of decorum. A condition that persists to this day. Dad slipped me $3, he was a world reknown nigger hater.

    To this day I despise niggers

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    For those of us of a certain age, the mid-seventies were the Golden Age. Television and movies that had niggers seemed weird and out of place. Basketball was an acceptable pursuit, the local NBA team was Wurl Champeens and they started four white players. The disco bullshit common in cities never made it onto the radio stations we could pick up, and the first "fast food" restaurant, a McNigger's, was still fifteen years away.

    My summer camp was of the Cubs Scouts variety. There weren't any niggers in my town, so there weren't any niggers in my Cub Scout Den or Pack either. But one year we went to a council-wide Jamboree thing and the poor disadvantaged city niggers were there. Only a dozen or so, but 12 niggers among 200 kids is 12 niggers too many.

    One of the kids in my cabin had the official Boy Scouts of America pocket knife and on day 2 it went missing. It was discovered on night 2 with the blade embedded in the biceps of one of the niglets, with one of the other tar tots having just embedded it in the hide of the other nigger.

    I want to say this TNB was either 77 or 78, but I may be wrong. First coontact and I just knew that when you see the feeks in real life, you give them and everything about them a wide berth. I remember when I told my Grandpa what happened at camp, he was furious. Not because of what happened, but that my mom let me go to a camp that had city niggers.

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