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Thread: It's Good to be Back!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Warlord View Post
    I had to check to make sure Maxine Waters wasn't president due to a coup and niggers weren't rioting in the streets.

    Off topic, but I had to comment

    Maxine Waters says she won't run for President next election, but they will push for Kamala Harris and Cory Booker, both high yellow niggers, both belligerent and arrogant.

    Cory Booker

    Kamala Harris and her husband

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    Quote Originally Posted by GeorgiaMontanaBoy View Post
    Really what did happen? Did some one in the digital realm of governmental control or political influence try and utterly destroy the 1st amendment protections of everyone on the site including the owner(s)?
    No. A brilliant nigger hacked the forum during his coffee break at google.

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    Quote Originally Posted by homoAfricanus View Post
    A brilliant nigger hacked the forum during his coffee break at google.
    Watermelon Patch Defender

    "The Negro if left to himself will not work, he will lie down and bask in the sun ... [I]t is very evident that [if slavery were abolished] ... the free white operative would be compelled to pay all the expenses necessary to support this idle, drunken, lazy population."

    --John Campbell, Negromania, 1851

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    Quote Originally Posted by jesse jaxcoon View Post
    To calm my self I went to the King County jail site with mug shot pic's(niggers) to to passify me so I could get to sleep.
    What's the link to that ...for future reference

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    Just a quick comment to help new members as well as everybody else.

    If this forum goes down for any reason, just google "niggermania". You will find niggermania.NET which is the link to this forum and should be highlighted in purple text.

    Keep looking on the first page of the search and you should see a link for niggermania.COM which should be highlighted in blue text if you've never been there before. Click the link which takes you to a simple webpage with a bunch of links.

    Scroll to the bottom of the page where you'll find a link to the blogspot in case this forum goes down. There you can see Tom Shelley is on the case or, if not, leave a message that the forum is down.

    So...if you're not internet savvy (like me)...or too lazy to bookmark the blogspot as mentioned at the top of every page of niggermania, (also like me, lol) can at least find out when it will be back online or any other info.

    Hope this helps!

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