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Thread: Coongratulations, Mike Brown...Three Years Of No Criminal Activity!

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    Officer Wilson did society a great service and while we laud him for his actions, we must remember his sacrifice. His life is ruined and even now he has to combat the occasional lawsuit. Yet the niggers fambly taken care of.

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    In those calculations on future crimes prevented, don't forget the typical reproduction cycle for nigger generations is about half than for humans. So a couple 12 year old niggers have a dozen niggers who have a dozen niggers, we're talking multiplication like rats.

    Anyone else remember the movie with Tom Cruise years ago called Minority Report? No, it wasn't about niggers being a minority, although back then they still were less than the white population. Its actually about something in the future called the Precrime Bureau. They could predict when first degree murder would occur, and aperest the suspect before the crime actually happened.

    Well supposedly such a system was possible, and created in the laboratory, but when they tried experiments, it kept spitting out nonstop nigger names like Rufus and Latisha and the like, and they thought it was broken. Nonstop, 24 hrs per day, nigger names, and an occasional (once a month) non-nigger name.

    They called it off, thinking the system was defective. However, years later, new research by some grad student who came across the old data showed that indeed all those nigger crimes occured as the machine said!
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