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Thread: Coon mouths off and gets slammed by human cop.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ghetto lobster View Post
    I counted 10 good shots to this nigger's empty coconut and he is still flapping his prodigious boot lips! You can't hurt those animals by hitting them on their empty noggin!
    I hope the officer did not break his hand. Nigger skulls are harder than fucking cinder blocks.

    I think this officer should absolutely be disciplined. He gave this nigger way too many warnings. 9 fucking minutes of nigger bullshit? The officer should have acted more quickly. Also, the nigger popped right back up to its feet afterwards. If the officer was going to use force, he should have done so in a way that would have kept the threat neutralized for a longer period of time.

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    They would have been within their rights to cuff the shitskin and put him in the cruiser until the interview was done. That nigger wasted valuble wrangler time that could have been used to catch more niggers in the hood. I give that nigger a few weeks before its either in nigger university or dead nigger storage with that attitude.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Freddy Krueger View Post
    I was thinking the same. Besides its youtube, it could be bull shit.
    I thought it could be fake as well. Especially when there wasn't any department tags in the bodycam DTG field. No mention of City of Niggerdom Police Department; "Officer Jones"; etc. But there are several types of police vehicles shown.

    Maybe this was a training film on what not to do.
    Don't get into a verbal duel with a suspook
    Don't get separated from your partner
    Don't use excessive force - that fight was BS, and then not cuffing the suspook?
    Don't turn your back on other suspooks
    Call for backup
    NEVER say NIGGER when you're being recorded

    Maybe MASTER OF THE INSANE ASYLUM can comment?
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