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Thread: A shocking discovery

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    Default A shocking discovery

    Hello to all the good folks at niggermania. I have lived in Pensacola my whole life, and like most towns in the south we have are share of spades, however my neck of the woods has always been gorilla free. Yesterday I was on my way home and I stopped by the store to buy dog food for my 2 nigger eaters. As I was leaving the parking lot I looked down the road and to my surprise I saw at least 12 r 13 gollywogs walking towards the store. At the sight of this I was very confused, where in the hell did they come from. Now keep in mind that this particular store is within 2 miles of my neighborhood. I thought to myself maybe they are filming a sequel to gorillas in the mist near by, but they couldn't possibly live around here. Curiosity got the best of me and I decided to drive down the road that I saw them come off of. As I get to the end of the road I remembered about 2 years ago there was a new subdivision built there, but these were all new houses niggers couldn't possibly live there, man was I wrong. As I turned in to this subdivision I noticed something all to familiar, there was garbage everywhere and little nigglets running all over the place, she boons, silver backs and any other type of nigger paraphernalia one would expect to find in a usual ghetto setting. This is a new neighborhood with about 200 new houses it has all been destroyed, a nigger bomb has gone off. Anytime you ask a nigger about ghettos they blame their living conditions on YT, but the niggers made this place all by themselves, they are savages how did they get in these homes what are the humans that live close to them going to do. My property value is ruined and last week 3 of my neighbors had items stolen from their yards. The coons are coming!! I must sell my house.
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    Looks like some dipshit decided to open up their houses to Section 8 niggers. Any property owner who does that should be forced to live next to the fucking savages.

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    Federal antidiscrimination in housing...real estate statutes... are being liberalized in favor of the nigger, and Section 8 is expected to turn up where you least expect it in this country. Nigger Obama did this and it has yet to be reversed. We are in for an unhealthy heapin' helpin' of this crap in the future unless this is reversed.

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    Hell Muslim Niggers popped up in the house next to mine. The best part is the house is going to shit and hopefully the owner will be forced to sell.

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