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Thread: Movie theaters: Big mistake

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    Default Movie theaters: Big mistake

    Well, I made a big mistake last night to go watch "It" in movie theaters. I haven't been to the movies in years, but decided to go tonight. Before leaving, I was very worried about niggers being in the theater during the movie. They are always talking during the movie, walking around and making that attempt at human laugh : "KEE KEE KEEE KEEEEEEEE".

    And yes, the theatre was full of niggers. Standing up, talking and kee keeing during the movie. Very unpleasant experience and I DESERVE IT by putting myself in that situation.

    The movie itself had a "token" nigger in it as well. The movie starts off with the nigger having a hard time killing a sheep for slaughter. Just another example of media moguls trying to brain wash our children with the thought : "Niggers are like us, they have a conscious too!"


    Stay at home and watch movies and more importantly, stay away from NIGGERS!
    NigletPiglet, in dah hundred acrehood
    Uncle Ruckus: "Avoid conversation with the nigger, the nigger will lie, the nigger will make excuses, he will use words he don't really know."

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