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Thread: Auh's fogotts muh debit caud "n" sheittt

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    I bet more TNB ensued when the nigger went back in. I bet the card was stolen or it's "baby mommas".

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    Yeah, that's the place, niggers don't usually venture in there, after all it is a hick bar somewhat, but every now and again, one will show up....
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    My heart goes out to you, I feel your pain.
    Quote Originally Posted by africannus-negrosis View Post
    Stopped at a bar and had a wild turkey 101 and a corona last night, it was all good except for the fact there was a nigger in the bar acting like he was human wearing a suit and all. After my drinks, I walked over to save a lot and grabbed a bag of shrimp and a t-bone steak. Get to the register, and there is a nigger wearing dirty shorts, and a tank top shirt with a bunch of holes in it. He said to the cashier, Auh's fogotts muh debit caud "n" sheittt, its beez in muh cah "n" sheittt. All the time the nigger had his wallet in his hand but the debit card is in his car, where is the logic in this? Holding up the line as usual, the manager cleared out the register, and set his cart aside, and we got through it. As I was leaving the nigger came back in and said sheit mang yous means auh's gotts to goes thru da lines again? As I laughed and walked out the store. Fucking niggers, cant even get something as simple as shopping right!

    God I wish I had money and could afford to live in the woods, I need to get away from these beasts, cant hanndle much more!


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    My guess is that it was hoping to get its grocery order for free and not have to use its EBT card.
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