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Thread: That moment when you realize... you met Mrs Right

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    Red face That moment when you realize... you met Mrs Right

    Okay, so, I don't know where to post this. It's not off topic, since it relates to niggers, but there's no crime. There's no TNB or coontact, so... where do I post this? But I think it'll inspire those who are flagging under the weight of politically correct nigger worship.

    So, anyway. I finally met a girl, seems sane, likes me, shared common interests etc., so this is all good. Then the topic of immigrants, specifically from Apefreaka, comes up. Now here's a potential minefield... say nothing and put up with liberal do-gooding, speak up and be branded that most horrific of lowlifes, a racist?

    And then she says... "well I'm all for equality but if they can't fit in to our ways and keep our laws and talk our language, I'm all for running them p to the airport and shipping them back to Africa where they came from."

    And at that moment I just... fall in love with her all over again...

    My Mrs Ku Klux Klan I call her.

    So... the message? Not everyone loves niggers. There's those of us out there that can't stand them. And that gives me hope for the future.

    More and More Humans are waking up each day. It cannot rain forever. And when the sun shines again it will truly be a glorious day.

    No Retreat, No Surrender, No Mercy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jenks View Post

    So... the message? Not everyone loves niggers. There's those of us out there that can't stand them. And that gives me hope for the future.

    I’ve noticed most humans hate niggers. All they need is an opening and most people will gladly bash niggers
    Niggers are the best anti-nigger propaganda money can buy

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    Almost every twitch stream will have anti-nigger postings. The log goes by so fast that the mods can’t stop it! Haha the anti-nigger postings flood some streams from all over the world. When I see them it brings a joy to my heart. You can always a bigger is posting because of the poor grammar, Ebonics an, usually, ending with a reference to muh dick. They are promptly ignored by the host and then a flood of anti-nigger posts (many with the n-word) begin showing up.

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    I know exactly how you feel. When I encounter someone I want to like, man, woman or child, who finds a way to let me know they're not a supporter of niggers, it gives you a great boost of validation, admiration and optimism.

    There are people like this everywhere, like someone above said they just need an outlet where they feel comfortable speaking their true thoughts in this psychotically PC world.....and this is coming from the least fucked-over country (U.S.) when it comes to speech, in the rest of the world it's usually illegal- against the law, as in your country- to express such thoughts, which is downright Orwellian.

    How absurd a world is it that speaking a simple, extremely obvious truth that niggers are fucking stupid, ugly, impulsive, violent, useless filth that are closer genetically to baboons than to humans, is a punishable offense? Everyone knows niggers are fuckall, all around the world everyone knows it, but it's illegal to speak this simple, clear-as-day truth.

    Bit of advice- before you go assuming too much make sure she also finds niggers physically repulsive. I had a misunderstanding once when I assumed someone's disdain for niggers was as thorough as mine, when it wasn't. It left scars on me that, well they're still open wounds actually. I pour salt into them and pick at them so as to keep myself warm in a comfortable blanket of avarice for the degenerate monkey nigger race.

    "Pain or damage don't end the world. Or despair, or fucking beatings. The world ends when you're dead. Until then, you got more punishment in store. Stand it like a man... and give some back." - Al Swearengen, Deadwood

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    I’m at the age where I give precisely zero fucks about what people think of me. It won’t happen but if someone were to call my boss and say I hate niggers, he would laugh it off. Even if he didn’t and I got fired I wouldn’t give a fuck. Anyway, I just state the facts and let the chips fall where they may. If people get their panties in a twist they can go fuck themselves.

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