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Thread: What age did you find out you were racist?

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    I suppose that Iím what youíd call a lurker- Iíve been following this forum with interest for some time, and have often felt tempted to add my comments but have never felt irresolutely moved to do so until now.

    What has prompted me to put digital pen to virtual paper is this thread, which I think is THE definitive introduction to and precis of niggerology. If the subject were taught in schools, which it should be, in my opinion (some hope, I know!) I would make some of the posts on here part of the foundation course.

    I have never considered myself a racist in the sense of being prejudiced against any race. Indeed, I know people from all parts of the world: Oriental, Asian, Hispanic- many of whom are good friends. Iím also married to one of them! Acknowledgement of the difference between races, is OK, whether youíre referring to physical appearance or behavioural tendencies, and I know that my lovely Malaysian neighbour and my Hispanic wife would agree.

    Whether the nigger is a race or a species is a matter of genetics, a subject of which I have very little knowledge, so I canít express an informed opinion. Itís convenient though, as far as Iím concerned, to use the word ďhumanĒ to refer to any non-nigger humanoid. In that sense, I am a racist, in that I class niggers as a separate group from the rest of humanity, inherently of low intelligence, violent and anti-social.

    So, what made me aware of the difference?

    There are two main themes that crop up again and again on this forum:

    1. A well-balanced, unbiased, liberal-minded individual, with no particular opinions about niggers, because he or she has grown up in an unfuxated area, moves to a fuxated town or city and becomes a niggermaniac within weeks, if not days.

    2. A like-minded individual is put into a situation where he/she has to work with niggers, leading to the same result.

    Both of these apply to me. I live in London, UK, in an outlying 100% nigger-free suburb, which is one of the reasons my wife and I moved here. Previously, we lived in a more central area, which was gradually becoming overcome with the feral beasts. It was the happiest day of our lives when we moved out.

    Before that, I grew up in a moderately large town which was also virtually uncoontaminated. We have a very small nigger population in Britain- in the region of 3-4%, and, following the principle of like attracting like, it tends to be concentrated in certain areas, mainly inner-city ghettos. (Niggers will turn any area into a ghetto, as we all know.) Therefore, itís possible to lead oneís entire life in most parts of Britain without encountering more than an occasional nigger, as I did up until I hit my mid-forties.

    Iíve worked for most of my life in the broadcast production industry, where strict, immovable deadlines and occasional long days and missed weekends are the norm. At the time we first moved to London, I was working for a small independent company, owned and run by humans, but with a nigger manager supervising me. This creature did everything in its power to make all our lives as difficult as possible. A favourite trick was to reschedule work so that an important project would be in danger of over-running because we were concentrating on trivial, low-priority tasks, then complaining that the main work was not being done. It would criticise us for the slightest mistake (often caused by having to rush the job to get it finished) invent non-existent problemsÖ I could write a long, long list.

    It became normal for me to have to start work at 7 am and work through to midnight, just to get a project up and running on schedule. Naturally, my health suffered, and, looking back, I was probably on the verge of a breakdown.

    Along with others, I frequently complained to the senior management, who were understanding. The problem was that our employment laws here are so strict that, unless it could be shown that the nigger had committed some gross criminal act, it was virtually impossible for it to be fired. Then there are our race relation laws. If it had shouted ďRacist!Ē the company would have faced a long and very expensive legal battle, which could have cost tens or hundreds of thousands of pounds.

    An old, and oft-repeated story I knowÖ One day I decided that Iíd had enough, went to see the senior manager and quietly informed him that I was leaving then and there. I walked out of the job that I loved and to which I was dedicated, even though I had nothing else to go to, though fortunately I was not unemployed for long.

    If living in a fuxated area had not already made me a niggermaniac, my experience in this job would have.

    This is quite a long first post, so Iíd like to close here by offering sincere thanks to all who administer and contribute to this forum, particularly those who have offered their invaluable insights on this particular thread.
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    Thank you SCJB
    any is too many

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Fox View Post
    I suppose that I’m what you’d call a lurker- I’ve been following this forum with interest for some time, and have often felt tempted to add my comments but have never felt irresolutely moved to do so until now.

    What has prompted me to put digital pen to virtual paper is this thread, which I think is THE definitive introduction to and precis of niggerology. If the subject were taught in schools, which it should be, in my .
    Welcome aboard, Mr. Fox!
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    Pronunciation: dass koo'
    Function: Negro patois. Expression of assent.
    Etymology: Middle English col, from Old English cōl; akin to Old High German kuoli cool, Old English ceald cold
    Date: Mid 20th century and later.
    English equivalent: 1. That is acceptable. 2. I agree.

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    Default Not at all Just like us.!

    I previously posted 8yrs old. Thars when the powers that be fuxated my formerly human grade school. A classmate/ friend of mine just disappeared one day. Several weeks later I found out 3 older jiggs slashed his face wiff razor knives. Thats when I KNEW that niggers were demonic not just in appearance but demonic to their core.
    Our school went from an orderly learning environment to a fuxated violent primate house nigger skoo almost overnight. Teachers and administrators had no earthly idea how to deal with these savage retarded sitapes. It was a very sad experience, but I sure learned the truth about groids quick !
    Niggers are the termites in the floorboards of humanity

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    I grew up in an all white community (first and only nigger fambly, single female nigger and niglets, moved in when I was 10 yrs old)

    So I didn't have much interaction with them, but when I was 3 we went to a park in a different town and there were nigglets playing there. Not knowing what they were, I went to walk towards them and my mom was yelling at me to come over to her. She said to stay away from them because they weren't like us. She said to only play with kids that looked like me.

    Knowing my mom didn't bullshit around, and being curious, I observed the niggers from a safe distance and saw what mom was talking about. From then on, every time I saw one, I observed their behavior and could see for myself that they were not human beings.

    So, age 3 is when I became aware that niggers were not human beings.

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    Never liked Niggers for as long as can remember. I use to say to parents those are Niggers, why would you speak to them.
    Sure as heck didn't want one of those animals around the house. My parents were not ape supporters, never said you
    shouldn't talk like that. They knew my views from early on, no problems. Family just didn't bring them up, had no reason
    to be around or discuss the species

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    I was very, very young (5?) when, in the era of Jheri-Curl, an afro-styled nigger walked past and I asked my mom why black people smell funny. She told me to shut up, basically, and I could tell she was afraid it might have overheard. That was probably in 1973. I also remember the first time I thought it right, privately, to thank God for not having been born black.

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    I was probably between 3-4 years old but I can still remember my first encounter with a nigger. I was with my mom and aunt in a nearby small city in NigYork state and I had to stay with my mom of course being that young. We were in the ladies clothing section when this big mammy came around the corner into our aisle and I immediately pointed my finger and said " Look mommy, there's a nigger!". Well, needless to say, my mom hustled me away and said, " You can't call them niggers in public!" You fellas woulda loved my mom, she hated niggers... flat out hated em'!! She lived a part of her young life in Greensboro NC back when the nignogs knew their place and wouldn't step out of line. She saw how things turned to shit after coming home, so she began to tell me at a very young age just how different we are and why. She's been gone since 2005 and I'm sure she'd be rolling in her grave if she knew we had a Nig president for 8 years! I can remember how she used to bitch about all the commercials and prime time shows shoving more and more nignogs down our neck! I can remember her saying, " Jesus Christ!... Every time I turn the TV on they got a GD nigger on there!!". There are many more other reasons why I can't stand niggers, probably too numerous to post now but I'll be back and I'll be happy to fill you in as to why I CAN'T STAND NIGGERS!!


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    First I want to thank all the new members contributing to the thread. We hope you stick around the forums here, it's a great place not just for a lifelong education about the nigger, but also for two more reasons: 1) to vent about shitskins, 2) for the laughs. There are times when it is gut-bustingly hilarious how clownish and pathetic niggers are.

    Quote Originally Posted by Evade the spade brigade View Post
    Thank you SCJB

    Quote Originally Posted by Nig R. Hater View Post
    So, age 3 is when I became aware that niggers were not human beings.
    I am so jealous! I had to learn the hard way, on my own, little by little. However I can recall my first coontact and how my brother and I, probably around 8 and 10 years old, told this nigger child, "Hey, you know what you are? You're a N I G G E R...", drawing out the word "nigger" long and dramatically, with lots of implied derision. The dumb little bootlipped slope-domed mandibular-prognathic calfless monkey had no idea what we were talking about so I am happy we introduced it to the name of its knuckledragging species.

    And now to Mr. Fox, I extend a welcome, a thank you, and a hat tip to an amazing first post. I too was a lurker for awhile, and initially came here for the nigger jokes on the main site not the forums, and would drop back in every once awhile when I wanted some more laughs. Then I found this, and along with a few other well-reasoned references I had my eyes opened permanently:

    If you take the time to read all three pages of that unassailable set of arguments as to why niggers are not human and are nothing like us, I don't think a reasonable person who is willing to let go of preexisting beliefs can come away from it without concluding the same.

    I lurked awhile and then joined one day, and have never turned back. This place is my favorite site on the entire internet, not because I have some obsession with bashing niggers, as fun as that is (and I consider it a moral duty, a calling to wake up as many humans as I can too), but because the people here, the members, the moderators, all the way to the top, are a great group. Contrary to what so many think of us- and I could care less that they do, because it's another joke unto itself- we are not a bunch of straw-chewing, overalls-wearing, back-country hillbillies. By the way, no offense to hillbillies whatsoever, I think many aspects of Southern culture are great and I would be right at home with them in their natural revulsion of niggers.

    The members of this incredible place are from all over the world. ALL human races united in their lowly view of the nigger animal. Both genders here, for we have quite a few female members, some of which you would not know right away are women. We have very young members as well as seniors and every generation in between. We have people of all religions, no religion, we have- believe it or not- some liberals among us, and we have rich and poor here. We have members in the most prestigious professions as well as the hardy blue-collar folk. From doctors and lawyers and nurses and EMT's, to tow truck drivers and insurance estimators, real estate agents, law enforcement officers, big rig drivers, entrepreneurs who have their own businesses, current military and vets,
    et cetera. We live in major cities and small towns all over the planet.

    We have members who have known from their earliest memories that niggers are useless degenerates and a separate lowly species not even close to human beings in any impactful way, and we have members joining every day who spent years or decades wholeheartedly believing the "they're just like us" mantra who tried very hard to treat them that way, only to learn as I did (the hard way) that niggers are violent, dull, simplistic, impulsive, selfish, indulgent, indolent, remorseless, scarcely self-aware, bizarre, gluttonous, hideously ugly and putrid-smelling (this is not merely a put-down, until you have been next to one at the gym or playing sports, you have no idea how bad they smell), awkward-looking, awkward-walking, awkward-talking, small-brained, cramped-craniumed, soul-less-eyed, thieving, rapacious, cowardly, easily-spooked demons.
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    "Pain or damage don't end the world. Or despair, or fucking beatings. The world ends when you're dead. Until then, you got more punishment in store. Stand it like a man... and give some back." - Al Swearengen, Deadwood

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    Thanks, S.C.J.B. I also found the forum via the jokes page.

    It's good to see the humour that imbues so many posts here. Niggerology is a serious subject, but there are times when it's a relief to laugh at their stupidity.

    It's also nice to see the range of contributors. I still consider myself to be quite liberal, in that I have no preconceived notions of anyone based on the person's religion, sex, sexuality or race. I make an exception for niggers, only because they consistently abuse and take advantage of any acceptance that may be granted them.

    To coin a phrase, whenever you encounter a nigger, it's best to take an instant dislike- it saves you time later.

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