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Thread: Chimp E Cheese

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    Quote Originally Posted by Horton_hears_a_coon View Post
    When I was a kid and went to public pools and skating rinks, kids who acted badly got taken to the manager's office and were made to sit until their mom got there. Depending on the severity of the offense, they could get barred for a few weeks.

    As I watched this I kept wondering why did no one take this chimp to the office and make him sit till his mom or dad could be found? Then if no one claims him, call the police and report an abandoned niglet. If he won't sit still or stop spitting then promise some money or bling or banana pizza if it behaves. You don't have to deliver.
    Why no discipline from anyone? Because of the ensuing chimpout and ghettolottery attempt. We must remember that one little distress squeal from a niglet will have the whole stank of sheboons dropping their pizza and come waddling at a full charge to confront the source of "dizzerpectin muh baybee".

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    It's everyone's fault that dirty little nigger misbehaved. /s

    The only thing niggers understand is pain.
    God I hate niggers

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    Iíve never been inside a Chuck Eís but parents used to groan because it was where the kids always wanted to go. I think they should have just used that thing called parental discipline and put Chuckís on the banned list but Iím a dinosaur that way. And this was before Chuckís became a niglet daycare/10th circle of hell. Isnít this franchise on its deathbed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Shelly View Post
    Niggers often brawl at Chimp E Cheese. I think they are overwhelmed and overexcited by all the flashing lights and costumed animals.
    Yeah, you’d think that all the noise and flashing lights would send the niglets into epileptic seizures....but as you pointed out, it all ends up over-stimulating the free range niglets and winds them up like little tornados of mayhem and chaos...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jigs&Libs View Post
    This is why we had Jim Crow laws, sundown laws, red lining, and segregation. Human families were able to go out to places like carnivals and such in the 50s and not have to worry about their evenings being ruined by nigger shenanigans. Segregation protected humanity's lives, limbs, properties and sanity.
    This is another hidden cost of the nigger problem. Family fun places are being over run by niggers and the humans stop going. The niggers run up the cost of business and profit margins plummet.
    I work for a private security company on occasion at chimpy cheeses in my town. Parents will leave their little shitbeasts there and comeback to cps. Or theyíll fight other niggers.

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