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Thread: Body Cam proves Timmonsville NAACP President a liar by claiming racial profiling

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    I probably should start a new thread ....... but the behavior of niggers is SOO bizarre as to be typical:

    Nigger IQ must be less than zero.

    Behind the wheel of her car and live on Facebook, Dawn Hilton-Williams described a traffic stop on 58 westbound in rural Brunswick County.

    "I was just bullied by a cop, who threatened to pull me out of the car," said Hilton-Williams in the 11-minute long Facebook .

    "This is where we got lynched. This is where we got lynched, even in today's day."

    The traffic stop happened on April 27, when Hilton-Williams was heading home to Greensville, South Carolina after watching her daughter play in a tennis tournament.

    Hilton-Williams said she feared for her life.
    After reviewing body cam footage of the traffic stop, Roberts said the stop was completely by the book, and his deputy did nothing wrong.
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    I had an irrational response to being stopped for a traffic violation. I allowed my emotions to overwhelm me that morning, and I fell short of the standards to which I hold myself, Lawson-Muhammad said in a statement obtained by Fox News.

    Funny how the cop asks her if she wants him to call an abulance for her.
    If you think you can debate a racist and win or prove us wrong, click on the link below:

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    STFU you racist nigger bitch sow!!!! It amazes me niggers wanted body cams " ta tell tha troof about tha popo harassin us black folk".Well departments got them and now the video evidence is racist! niggers! No satisfying the walking piles of shit. The bitch needs to be brought up on charges,fired from her AA job,lose all Federal& State benefits you know the nigger is soaking up,just because she's a nigger sow and a frigging mooslim to boot! We deserve what we tolerate.

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    Default Another NAACP Race Baiting Lying nigger

    Niggers love to use racist lies anytime a cop pulls them over for probably cause.

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    Default NAACP nigger lied with his big nigger lips

    Jerrod Moultrie a NAACP ( Niggers Are Apes Coons & Perpetrators) Chapter president lied about his racist police stop.
    Body cam exonerates the officer and shows the nigger lied.

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    I read about the ape accusing the police of racism in the mainstream news. I haven't heard anything about the ape being proved a liar until reading this post. Fuck the mainstream media.

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