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Thread: Helping the Dutch Wranglers out

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    Default Helping the Dutch Wranglers out

    Me and Mrs SN was in Amsterdam last weekend buying diamonds for her ring finger, I also own an apartment out there (Which is Air B&B'd) so we pop out every so often, The Dutch don't stand niggers. The few they have are made to do menial dirty tasks.

    Lots of Brits go over there for pot/weed because they think its legal. Its not, its only tolerated in certain areas. So me and Mrs SN are walking down Leidseplein and see some British porch monkeys swinging on lamp posts and on tram eletricity pylons. The police see this and go speak to them. The police speak Dutch and won't speak English to these monkeys. Now, Even though Mrs SN hates them, she tells me to be nice and translate. I offer, they accept.

    The police ask the usual questions such "WHat the hell are you doing?" to which the niggers reply "We'z having da fun n sheit this is amsterdam why is the popo oppressin us". I translate it word for word to which the police reply "We are not, you are acting like idiots" this starts a mini chimpout. To which I said to the officers "Ze dragen veel illegale drugs meer dan persoonlijk gebruik" (They have a lot illegal drugs on them" and they decided to search them and find cannabis and crack rocks.

    5 niggers off the street in the Dutch police cells. The police did not take much shit from them

    I feel good being a good citizen

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    Excellent! Can you imagine the shit going through those miniscule minds?
    Sheeit, dem mofo popo mus have read our tiny minds and busted us.

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    I'm glad those niggaboos got busted for their TNB. I hope jail is long and hard on 'em.
    Pizza for humans, dirt pizza for nigger animals.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jack2520 View Post
    I'm glad those niggaboos got busted for their TNB. I hope jail is long and hard on 'em.
    In the prison shower I am sure that they would enjoy something "long and hard".
    "The Negro is a wise and noble race who carries themselves with a quiet dignity", said no one, ever.

    One day niggers will only be found in museums and fossil beds.

    Give a hungry nigger a fish, you've fed him for a day;
    Let him starve to death and you can forget about him forever.

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