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Thread: Things that make niggers angry

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    Default Things that make niggers angry

    Feel free to submit your own items to this list.

    1) White people
    2) Humans
    3) Niggers
    4) Niglets (these go in a pot of boiling water to make ghetto lobster)
    5) Niglets that are not theirs (these go in a pot of boiling water to make ghetto lobster)
    6) Chicken that is not fried
    7) Fish that is not fried
    8) Beef that is not fried
    9) Pork that is not fried
    10) Rules
    11) Laws
    12) Civilization
    13) Safe sex
    14) Humans with an IQ above 65
    15) Math
    16) High school diplomas
    17) Job applications
    18) Personal responsibility
    19) Soap
    20) (Clean) Water
    21) Showers/Baths
    22) Monogamy
    23) Raising their own children
    24) Written words
    25) The English language
    26) Toilet paper
    27) Having to pay for things
    28) Working for a living
    29) Whatever their communist masters tell them to get angry about
    30) Being exposed for the frauds that they are

    I don't hate niggers... I pity them. Imagine having an IQ that low, but high enough to be self-aware of just how fucking terrible your species is.

    I honestly think this is why niggers can't resist the urge to murder other niggers. Niggers must hate niggers (and themselves) with such a passion that they enjoy the acts of torturing and killing other niggers.

    Truly, they are a reprehensible species, and I for one am glad to be a human, and not one of those things.

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    Niggers hate everything that reminds them that they're niggers.

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    Forgot consequences of their stupid nigger actions.
    Niggers are the termites in the floorboards of humanity.
    We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.

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    Default Reply

    Mirrors, they look in one and say " why's dat nigger lookin at me?"

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    If you insult a nigger's "intelligence" they chimp out fast because they know they have none. Niggers are known to be stupid, have a low IQ and have no common sense.

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    Logic puzzles like sudoku

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    Any job where they have to get up before 11 in the morning.

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    registered mail.
    Non silba sed anthar

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    Everything. It is impossible to placate nigger anger.
    Niggers hate people talking about reality for it reveals their nature.

    Scientific evidence showing that niggers are not human, defined as Homo sapiens.

    Finished NM fictions: Collapse & Seven trips to the Niger Basin

    New NM fiction: Canine Conquest of Apefrica

    Fiction: NM Exploration of Africa http://niggermania.net/forum/showthr...-da-mudderland

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