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Thread: Niggers on Facebook Marketing

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    Default Niggers on Facebook Marketing

    Greetings all.

    Iíve been a fairly regular visitor to Niggermania over the past 2-3 years, and have enjoyed the posts. The site does a great job in spreading and keeping the public awareness of the nigger, and itís good to see that there are other like-minded and enlightened people around.

    I havenít signed up, mainly because I donít feel that I have anything to contribute. I never encounter niggers now, either in my working life or in the town where Iíve lived for about the past eight years (and itís no coincidence that I moved here!)

    The story of how I became a NM is quite a familiar one that has be iterated on here many times. I grew up in nigger-free town (in central England,) had no experience of niggers until I worked for a company where I was obliged to spend most of my time working closely with one, and lived, for a short time, in a fuxated area.

    No need to go into details, as youíve heard it all before, but these two experiences were enough to convince me of the true nature of the animal, and I would like to see wider publication of experiences like mine. Unfortunately, if I wrote a book entitled ďMy two years of hell- how I survived working with and living amongst niggers,Ē the chances of getting it published would be slim.

    Until then, we have Niggermania.

    I thought that Iíd share this experience as itís quite amusing, and also demonstrates very succinctly the sharp dividing line between the nigger and the human.

    I had a load of surplus musical instruments and home studio gear to sell; it had accumulated over the years, and I realised that I had well over £1000-worth lying around unused. I donít use eBay, as itís too open to fraud, so I thought that Iíd try Facebook Marketplace.

    I listed my items and, I have to say, as a marketing site, Facebook leaves a lot to be desired. This is quality stuff, and I expected to get a few serious enquiries at least.

    I did receive some intelligent question from humans, but nothing lead to a sale. One good thing about the site is that you can see the FB page of the enquirer, and usually that will have a photo on it.

    Hereís the nub of the gist: I had many enquiries, written in semi-articulate English, with spelling mistakes and poor grammar, asking for my address. EVERY ONE OF THEM originated from a nigger.

    Naturally, I ignored them all; I have some valuable stuff here, and the nigs must have thought that my intelligence level was comparable to theirs if they imagined that I would advertise my whereabouts. This example, of niggers acting in isolation to attempt the same criminal ends demonstrates perfectly their nature.

    Eventually I became sick of them and cancelled the ads. Iím going to try Gumtree or Craigslist.

    I would like to present my findings to a sociologist. It would be interesting to see if he/she could come up with an alternative explanation. I canít think of one.

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    You should join this website, so that you can see it completely. It's perfectly safe. I have been on here since about 2004/5 .

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