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Thread: Rape ape arrested with tons of evidence

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    Default Rape ape arrested with tons of evidence

    A nigger seeking to be the next Bill Cosby was found with 500 videotapes, recordings of his rapes

    In news that will shock nobody here, another nigger has been aperested for rape. The suspook had nearly 500 hi8 tapes that apparently are recordings of his rapes. Investigators suspect that the tapes may contain evidence of rapes going back decades.

    In court, the rape ape said "I dindu nuffins. Where bees all dee white wimminz?"

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    The power of muh dik compels me.

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    I sense a tremor in the force---able rape.
    "The Negro is a wise and noble race who carries themselves with a quiet dignity", said no one, ever.

    One day niggers will only be found in museums and fossil beds.

    Give a hungry nigger a fish, you've fed him for a day;
    Let him starve to death and you can forget about him forever.

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    How stupid are niggers? Keeping 500 videos of yourself raping women on a shelf in your nest? I pity the jury for this case. Imagine having to watch 500 videos of that cock-eyed ape muhdicking unconscious sheboons. The good news is this rape ape will make a perfect cage mate for coonsby

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