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Thread: Thank You, niggermania, for saving my stuff!

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    Default Thank You, niggermania, for saving my stuff!

    It's been quite some time since I last posted here, mostly because I decided that I already learned what needs to be learned about niggers(I very rarely get to observe these creatures where I live, god bless).
    "Watch your stuff when a nigger is nearby" - this priceless knowledge protected me from being robbed. If not this site, I'd be in very unpleasant situation.
    A month ago me, my best friend and his girlfriend were visiting Amsterdam. At some point we sat on a bench to rest and eat sandwitches. About minute later, some nigger fucking monkey sat there as well. My backpack, where I had important things, separated me from the creature. The moment I realized it's a nigger who is next to me, I discretly held backpack in case the beast tries to grab it. Guess what - it tried! As soon as nigger realized I won't let my stuff go, it ran away. If not the knowledge of nigger's nature, we would have to chase the animal and god knows if we manage to succeed. After the situation, I told my friend's girlfriend why I knew that I should be prepared for eventual steal attempt and explained her that niggers are animals and should be avoided as much as possible. The facts (like nigger crime rates and economical situation in nigger countries)were a bit shocking and unbelieveable for her, but after quite long conversation she accepted the truth.
    Thank You all for sharing the unconvinient, yet so important truth!
    I apologize for incorrect english, it's not my main language. I damn sure don't apologize niggers who read this.

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    Your English is fine, by the way. Glad to hear your Niggermania investment paid off.

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    Hey Moonman, great post. "sandwitches"! I love it!

    Just like monkeys will snatch your stuff and run with it, niggers will grab anything they can. Keep spreading the truth about niggers. Some people might disagree with you, but it only takes a couple of interactions with niggers for them to see the Hollywood version of the brave, noble nigger is total bullshit

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    You could've spoken Martian and we would've understood your disdain for niggers.

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    Great story and another example of how Niggermania protects property and saves lives.

    Remember: Whenever a nigger approaches you or attempts to interact with you, it's NEVER anything good. NEVER.

    Avoid the Groid.
    If you think you can debate a racist and win or prove us wrong, click on the link below:

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    Niggers are dangerous animals. Glad you are ok.
    Nothing good will ever come from a nigger sow.

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