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Thread: Hoax of the week!

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    Default Hoax of the week now hoax of the decade-Al Sharpcoon & Robin Roberts duped

    I admit I've become a bit obsessed by this obvious hoax ... but I am glad it happened in order to prove to the world just how dumb niggers can be in era filled with electronics and surveillance that niggers just can not seem to understand. This is the best hoax since Tawana Brawley for showing just how stupid niggers really are and even the "reverend AL" kinda got duped ... and sow "Robin Roberts" proves to the world what a moron "she" is for believing the BS.

    15 Years Later, Tawana Brawley Has Paid 1 Percent Of Penalty

    Why the left so desperately wanted to believe in Jussie, and not in America
    Now, that story is coming completely apart, with police sources saying Smollett likely orchestrated the entire attack himself. But while we wait for the facts to come to light, it is worth remembering that almost 3,000 people were shot in the City of Chicago last year -- women, small children -- sometimes alone and sometimes in groups. Many hundreds of them died, and not a single one received anything like the attention the media has lavished on a relatively minor assault alleged by Smollett.

    Al Sharpton says Jussie Smollett should ‘face accountability to the maximum’ if attack was orchestrated

    Jussie Smollett‘s interview with “Good Morning America” host Robin Roberts raised doubts with some of the people involved even before reports surfaced that the “Empire” star might have staged the attack.
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