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    A policeman is sent to South Africa on a training exercise, to see how the country's police force deals with civil disturbances.

    On his first day, he goes along to a mass riot, where about fifty niggers are rampaging through the streets. The police pull out their water cannons and let loose. Five minutes later, the nigs are either wandering around shivering and half-dazed or lying semi-conscious on the ground. Then the cops release their dogs, which run out and corral the niggers into a corner, ready for the cops to cuff and arrest them.

    Back at the station, the policeman says to one of the other cops: "Those dogs of yours are really impressive. But why bother with the water cannons? Why not just let the dogs loose at the outset?"

    The cop replies: "If we don't wash the niggers down first, the dogs won't go near 'em."

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