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Thread: I busted a dumbass lying to a teacher today

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    Default I busted a dumbass lying to a teacher today

    I'm a Network Administrator for a Private School. My daughter's school.

    Our school is high 90's% white. I was really pissed though when this kid and his 3 other brothers moved here
    and started school after Christmas. All I could think was, fuck. They were all as dumb as a box of rocks. My daughter is in first grade and she would run circles around them mentally. We use Macbooks which threw them some serious curve balls. Trying to issue them their devices and show them very basic stuff was about as frustrating as throwing a picture down on a gravel road and trying to trace it with clean lines using tracing paper.

    So, Today I receive an email from one of the High School teachers asking if I had Sambo's laptop. He told her he couldn't finish his assignment last night because it was here with me getting looked at. It kept freezing up on him. Not only was it not with me, I had not seen nor spoken with him in any form or fashion. I decided to see exactly where dipshit was with his laptop. So I log into our management software to pull up his device and get his IP address. I then log in to our firewall and filter by his IP address. This then tells me what access point he is hitting. Which is HS-RM-102-teacherlastname. I then pull up his class schedule to verify. I reply to the teacher and tell her that it isn't with me. It is with him in Room 102 where he has class right now and it checked in 6 minutes ago.

    Her reply:
    Headed that way. : )

    What a dumbass. (Not in her reply email but my thoughts on the matter).

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    Niggers know nothing about taking care of things so it’s surprising the nigger hasn’t pawned it and claimed it was stolen or at the minimum, seriously damaged it by now.
    Typical person fed up with niggers and how they ruin everything they come in contact with.

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    Poor niggers, they're so dumb that as much a they repeatedly lie, "practice does not make perfect" when pitted against humans and their technology.
    Thanks for sharing your story, Bountyman.

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    Next time you check the PC location, it will be at the pawn shop. Now nigger rich with some cash, lil nigger will have gorged itself on KFC and then be found stoned out back by the dumpster high on crack.
    God I hate niggers

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    If it has disovered some free porn sites it may not pawn the white man's device for a while.

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    Sheeeiiitt! His momma boyfran probly took da mufukka to watch porn.
    "Gibs me dat cumputa!Ah goss ta see dat interracial porn see dem white wimmens! Fuck yo homewerk what is you s faggot?"
    You likes my new avatar? Its my girl Shaneequa.

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