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Thread: My babbysitter is a widow today

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    Default My babbysitter is a widow today

    I can't even produce a link. You niggermaniacs only have my word for it... Even in or I can't find a link for this...

    So, 2 weeks ago, my babysitter's husband went down to the bodega to buy some bread and milk (that is a rough borough of New York). Long story short, 2 nigger gangs start shooting each other, one stray bullet hits him, and after 2 weeks in the ICU, he is dead. The wife is devastated, the NYPD doesn't do sh*t about it (since gangs are something the Mayor isn't overly concerned with)...
    She is a nice immigrant lady ( with a green card) and because of niggers, she is going to have to go back to her native country (even though she is totally legal here). This is literally a case where vile niggers ruin a family to the point where they need to leave our country.

    I hate niggers...
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    No words from me. Just a sorrowful bereaving hatred.
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