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Thread: Niggerized Cartoons

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    Talking Niggerized Cartoons

    Dick Figures - Shit Flingers
    2 Niggers, Red Nigger and Blue Nigger who came from a magical flying alien meteor try to survive and eke out a living in a planet of the apes 2000 years later after niggerdom stole rockets, escaped Earth and caused humans to become extinct.

    The Loud House - The Loud Crib
    Little nigger LeBron Loud must survive in his shitty crib with 2 idiot parents Pappy Latorray Sr. and Mammy Rishashit and 10 fugly, silverback, hulking bad-smelling sheboons! LeBron's ugly sisters are LaQueefa, LaShondra, Lahdawnah, Larhonda, Latorray Jr., La-Dale, Latrines, Latricia, La-Juana and Lil Shit! Don't forget the nigger character, Clyde McBride, who is an Uncle Tom who gets bullied all the time for being exceedingly subservient to superior white, Arab or Asian folks.

    SpongeBob Squarepants - ShitBob Crappants
    The adventures of a nigger Sea Sponge with best friend Potrick Bakkaballs, a nigger Starfish as they fuxate and ruin the town of Bikini Bottom, home to fishes (who are human fishes). ShitBob and Potrick commit far too much crime, deal drugs, play Bakkaball all day and eat fried aquatic chicken and pelagic watermelon after murdering innocent townsfolk to get dem monniez.

    The FairlyOdd Parents - The FairlyOdd Baby-Daddy and Baby-Mommy
    Little niglet Tyrell Turnouts buys a smelly hunk of cursed garbage and out comes 2 magical flying Apefreakan witch doktur NIGGERS! Now Tyrell must deal with 2 damn retards who give him soap and warm water when he wishes for chiggun and watarmellonz.

    Star VS The Forces of Evil - Shit VS The Forces of Cleanliness
    Princess Shit is a nigger princess living in the magical fuxated dimension of Moolieville and she gets transported to the human dimension for being too much of an Aunt Jemima. She has to fuxate the entire Earth with the help of nigger, Myrone and cover our planet in rancid feces within a year or she gets banished to Nigger University.

    Adventure Time - Misadventure TNB
    The misdaventures of a lone nigger boy and his pet dog (who is 1000 times smarter than him) as they fuck up the land of Ooo.

    We Bare Bears - We Nig Niggers
    3 nigger bears, Grizzly Nigger, Eyebags Nigger and Albino Nigger do an extremely bad job of trying to integrate in human-populated San Francisco.

    Clarence Wendell - Clarence Da Muggafukka
    3 niggers, Clarance Da Muggafukka, Squarehead Jefferson MakkaKenzie and "Bald" Ryan Sumowuzzki live in the fuxated town of AbeedDicks, formerly Aberdale.

    Steven Universe - Stavyon FuckYouVerse (My Personal Favorite)
    A retarded nigger-gem hybrid, Stavyon, continually fucks up the Crystal Gems' plan to save the Earth. After he gets kicked out for muh-dicking Pearl, he escapes and later destroys all of them with the Homeworld Gems (the antagonists of the story later turned good). The niggers get to stay alive when Earth is destroyed as they helped the Homeworld Gems who are villains while humans go extinct. The niggers are initially welcomed on the Gem Homeworld and Stavyon is their new leader, but these bootlipped savages wear out their welcome by covering entire megastructures in garbage to grow their watermelons, infesting many places with chickens to make Fried Chiggunz, creating badly-made and hideous factories for making Kool-Aid and purple drank, creating KFC branches every 10 meters, raping white-colored gems, selling too much crack cocaine and vandalizing everything they see. The gems quickly get fed up with Stavyon, his stupid nigger followers and all that TNB, leading the Homeworld Gems to create their own version of NIGGERMANIA as they devise plans to try to ship all the niggers to a nature reserve where they can no longer fuxate Homeworld and let the gems live in peace. Sadly, the black nigger plague turns Homeworld into a nigger planet and the once advanced place is a fuxated wasteland. THE END

    The Amazing World of Gumball - The Crappy Wasteland of Busted Cap

    Hazbin Hotel - Haznig Hotel
    An up and coming Haznig officer as well as the princess of Hell, Charlie (Charlotte) is sick and tired of seeing how the thousands of niggers in their zoos and prisons do no work and how they are a massive waste of labor and suck up hardworking demons’ tax money. She and her friends create the Haznig Hotel in hopes of turning the lazy niggers in prison to hardworking plantation slaves who pick cotton 13 hours a day and that she can become the Cotton Queen. The series takes place in Hell where demons (who are humans who did bad things in life) enslave and coexist with niggers (still the same species).

    Rick and Morty - Rick and Moolie
    Rick Sanchez is a brilliant Hispanic scientist who goes on wild crazy adventures and destroys entire universes with the help of his adopted nigger grandson he named Moolie (LOL). In the series, Moolie gets muh-dicked by an evil jellybean, get no girls and he will die a virgin, but who the hell cares- He’s a nigger!

    I will add more, suggest some ideas below.
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