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Thread: Greetings From Western North Carolina (God's Country)

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    Default Greetings From Western North Carolina (God's Country)

    Hello to all Niggermaniacs from a Niggermaniac who recently joined this community of nigger-haters. I reside in Western North Carolina, way up in the Blue Ridge Mountains, so I rarely--if ever--see a knuckle-draggin' nigger. Down South, in these parts, the few niggers who exist are too fuckin' scared to venture out of their decrepit shacks, let alone wander up in the mountains.

    These stupid, spear-chuckin' cannibals fear the presence of a Moonshiner--and, yes, we still have good ole' boys who moonshine to their heart's content. with a bona-fide Moonshiner. It just wouldn't turn out very well for the blue-gummed nigger.

    And, furthermore, these sub-human cannibalistic niggers believe that there are Ku Klux Klan Klaverns up in these parts. And we all know how shitskin niggers crap their pants at the thought of accidentally stumbling across a bunch of Klansmen. So, as I previously pointed out, the few niggers in these parts stay in their shithole locales.

    It's such a beautiful thing, not having to see even one single solitary nigger for months on end.

    However, my life wasn't always devoid of these nappy haired spear-chuckers. You see, quite a few years ago, I was born in Shit--Cago, ILL--ANNOYED (aka: Chicago, Illinois). And to make matters worse, when I was just a youngster, my family lived on the south side of Shit--Cago. As you niggermaniacs know all-too-well, the south side of Shit--Cago is famous for one thing: it's the Murder Capital of the United States. Fortunately, the vast majority of those murders were nigger-on-nigger murders. So, the whole of the United States actually benefitted from this ongoing rash of murders on the south side of Shit--Cago.

    Anyhow, I knew that someday...some way, I would eventually move to the South. And I'm so grateful that I finally made the move. I live in the forest, in peace, tranquility, solace, and virtually total silence. The only noises I'll usually hear come from the amazing numbers of "critters" (aka: animals and various species of birds) who roam the vast forests here in Western North Carolina. When I awake each morning, usually around 4:30 am - 5:00 am, it's pitch black. But as the sun comes up in the east it's not unusual to find seven or eight deer (does and bucks); possums; five or six turkeys; a few racoons; and dozens of squirrels on my front lawn.

    I feed these critters twice daily, so they know a good thing when they experience it. And that means they continue to return just about every day.

    Anyhow, I've rambled much too long. I wanted to say hello to all you fellow Niggermaniacs and wish everyone a great Memorial Day. And may God bless all the veterans and active duty military folks. And that includes me. Take care, and it's been a pleasure posting my very first post. I do hope my tenure on the niggermania Website is lengthy, enjoyable, and educational--as I'm just about certain it will.

    Take care, everybody. And, remember: “The major cause of the US nigger’s intellectual and social deficits are hereditary and racially genetic in origin and thus not remediable to a major degree by any practical improvements in environment.”
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    Happy to have you along for the ride brother

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    Welcome to the forum and bash away at those spooks at will!

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    Welcome to a sane corner in the world.

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    Let's bash some nigger animals, shall we?
    Pizza for humans, dirt pizza for nigger animals.

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