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Thread: White man says hello from the San Francisco Bay Area

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    Default White man says hello from the San Francisco Bay Area

    Hello everyone,

    A member here who I know in person and are great friends recommended this website. I have seen this site when I put in Google searches to see if there are people out there has anything in common with me which I have experienced such as having problems when encountering a specific group of people called "Niggers". So now I am convinced to join.

    I am a white man (heritage includes rough estimate 25% of each Estonian, Russian, German, Scottish) in my late 20s grew up in a small peaceful Bay Area town where it is predominately white with good K-12 schools. I don't want to name my town to prevent it from getting torched by niggers when there are already nigger presence asking for handouts and spare of change. I now rent a place in another town not far away that is not as good as my childhood place because of a little bit higher nigger percentage, but also include high number of white people with people of other ethnic groups who are alliance friendly.

    For my introduction, I will first point out that I am not racist nor do I hate, because it's illogical but in my personal experiences, I believe most niggers have declared a grudge war against everyone. They tend to be very antagonistic and irrational.

    The reason why I have joined is because:
    -Niggers think ALL present day white people are responsible for what white people did in history
    -they think the whole world owes them something and are entitled
    -They think everything in my life is handed down to me (I worked extremely hard for what I have)
    -Most niggers that I have encountered thinks being born white is a crime (so much for a blue voting state being known for being tolerant & progressive)
    -Niggers do things that are self-destructive, and destructive towards society
    -Nigger celebrities, politicians, rappers...etc are negative role models for people because they advocate self-destructive lifestyles, & ideas for individuals and society
    -I've had the most negative experiences with niggers

    I used believe that the actions of an individual niggers does not represent the entire group as a whole, but I would say 85%+ of them are amoral criminals, double-standard racist bigot, inconsiderate, takers, violent, impudent, imbeciles, leeches/parasites of society.
    black (adjective) \ ˈblak \

    hands black with grime

    old-fashioned + literary : thoroughly sinister or evil : WICKED

    characterized by grim, distorted, or grotesque satire

    marked by the occurrence of disaster

    characterized by hostility or angry discontent

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    There is no such thing as "racism". There are no races in the animal world. Just species and subspecies. Niggers are genetically different from us. A nigger will always produce a nigger, not one of us.
    We are more different from niggers, than a chimp is from a bonobo, and yet, they are classified as separate species.
    Schools indoctrinate everyone so they think "all of the races" are equal, but anyone who has studied world history knows that since the beginning of time, only one group invented and discovered all of the sciences and arts. You need only go to the Hellenics in ancient Greece, who came up with the concept of the atom, and figured out the size of the earth with geometry from the distance to the horizon. People take a lot of things for granted, but if you look at everything we know and use, niggers didn't invent it. We did. Welcome to Niggermania!

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