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Thread: Mary, Queen of Niggers

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    Schindler's list needed more niggers.


    No, it was fiction. Go ahead and fill it with niggers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bilbo View Post
    The only thing that would prevent that is that it's not permissible to depict nig-nogs as the bad guys.

    I will never forget the embarrassment of the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics, which featured a potted history of Britain, including how niggers were responsible for the Industrial Revolution and winning World War 1.
    Considering that during ww2 niggers raped the french women they were sent to recapture from the germans, i would not be surprised if they did the same shit during ww1. Nigger rape in france during ww2 was such a rampant issue that some locals ended up volunteering for the national socialists out of anger.
    A leopard doesn't change his spots just because you bring him in from the jungle and try to housebreak him and turn him into a pet. He may learn to sheathe his claws in order to beg a few scraps off the dinner table, and you may teach him to be a beast of burden, but it doesn't pay to forget that he'll always be what he was born: a wild animal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bilbo View Post
    I admit, I'm a bit of a history nerd. I enjoy factual history books and TV documentaries, and also like well-dramatised TV programmes and films.

    It was with a sense of anticipation, therefore, that I hired the 2018 film "Mary, Queen of Scots" from Virgin and sat down to watch it a couple of evenings ago.

    I can accept the odd anachronism in films of this nature. If the researchers do their job properly, they shouldn't creep in, but we all make mistakes, and I don't mind, if they don't affect the film too much.

    There were a couple of mistakes early on, when the Royal Court musicians were shown playing instruments and music that didn't exist in the 16th century (I told you I was a nerd) but I accepted that as a minor blemish.

    Then there were quite a few Asians acting the parts of royal servants. Don't misunderstand me- I have nothing against Asians and have Asian friends, but, although there were a few in mediaeval Britain, I doubt that they would have been elevated to the job of royal handmaiden. Again, though, that's a small quibble.

    What really grated... wait for it... is the portrayal of members of the nobility- Queen Mary's and Queen Elizabeth's subjects... you've guess it... by nigger actors.

    Wrong. Absolutely, utterly wrong. This was not a case of missing the bullseye and hitting the outer rim of the target; this was missing the target altogether and hitting the barn in the next field.

    What the **** got into the minds of the casting department? Sure, there were a few niggers around at that time- some descended from those that the Crusaders had brought back with them as servants and curiosities, but they would have been employed in that role. There were also a few merchants, as trade routes had been opened with Africa. But... there is absolutely NO way in which niggers acceded to the ranks of the aristocracy, and the royal houses at the time did NOT include nigger nobles, knights or ministers.

    I tried to continue watching, but became too depressed and annoyed, so gave up after about forty minutes. Another sad case of the niggerfication of historical fact for the sake of nigger coddling and political correctness.
    Out of curiosity, who played Mary and Elizabeth?
    The Pope wrote NIGGER

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