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Thread: Worthless criminigger murders human gets deleted in process

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    Default Worthless criminigger murders human gets deleted in process

    Hello all,

    I just came across this story on my facespook page from a Blaze posting. I found another link to the story here it is:

    Long story short another violent piece of shit nigger with a gun gets angry and murders a productive human citizen. Unfortunately for the nigger but fortunately for the rest of society, its chosen victim was not killed instantly and was able to pull a weapon of their own and return fire fatally wounding the criminigger in question. The thing that really stands out about this story though is the fact that both the human (no surprise) and the nigger (big fucking surprise) both had valid concealed carry weapons permits. How was this nigger able to obtain a valid permit? You know this wasn’t its first felony. Outside of this particular mystery there are no lessons to learn from this tragedy (human viewpoint) and only serves to reinforce everything we know about niggers and the warnings we give to our fellow humans about them. Bottom line is that niggers should not be allowed to free range in America and under no circumstances allowed to ever possess or use any type of weapon at anytime for any reason.

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