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Thread: Greetings and salutations from Chiraq

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    Default Greetings and salutations from Chiraq

    A fellow coworker turned me on to the forum. Been reading for several years and finally decided to join the other day. I love the coontacts and tnb to name a couple. Glad to be aboard and looking forward to nigger bashing with like minded humans.

    Recently moved from the outskirts of the shitty limits to the burbs looking to escape tnb only to find myself even more immersed in it. I display a rebel flag in my home proudly and hope to move to the south very soon and find refuge from the niggers once and for all.

    Getting real sick and tired of the general American culture glorifying the ghetto urban lifestyle and nigger antics. It’s so bad it’s poisoning children’s animated movies. Getting real sick and tired of the kids being indoctrinated in skrewl about how rotten America is and how rotten YT has been to the dirty apes we refer to as niggers. Getting real sick and tired of the reverse racism and the double standard of being called cracker and honkey but not allowed to call the shitskinned animals what they are, NIGGERS.

    I wasn’t raised to be raysis an shiet, but now realize that I’m not. They aren’t human, so I’m not hating on people per say. I’ve given them several chances, gave them the benefit of the doubt, and time and time again, I get burned. I’m done! I try my best to avoid the groid and encourage my family to do the same.
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    Welcome to NM! A first good step to kicking away any brainwashed respect for the Groid.

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