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Thread: Groid stole a 2019 Black BMW X3 at gunpoint from Atlanta airport

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    Default Groid stole a 2019 Black BMW X3 at gunpoint from Atlanta airport

    Q: How does a nigger get a car?
    A: He steals a human's car at gunpoint.

    "Groid Christopher Gregory, 39, that stole a BMW SUV from a rental company at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport last week was arrested in Tift County, authorities said. Groid Gregory entered the parking lot of the Hertz at the airport and took a 2019 Black BMW X3. Using his right paw, he pointed a silver handgun at a Hertz employee before saying, "(Expletive), do you love your life? Then you better open this (expletive) gate," the report said."

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    He could be up for two awards:
    1) Most soul-less nigger
    2) Dumbest nigger
    Now .... rather than start a new thread ... look at the story and video when you scroll down on the above link !!!!!

    Teen mom shot in head was trying to rob man, police say
    On another site:
    Clayton County police said Sijeria Parks, 19, invited a man over and attempted to rob him with the help of three other men.

    From its face-spook page:
    Mother of two handsome baby boys���� 18 years young ❗ dream to succeed walk for success ��
    Kadarius Ridgeway Tryna get that man robbed he smoked yo ass ��������
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