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Thread: Groid makes mashed turdlet by throwing his little "brother" from roof

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    Thumbs up Groid makes mashed turdlet by throwing his little "brother" from roof

    "Odessa Frith moved to Queens after a devastating fambly "tragedy" last September that left her 4-year-old niglet, Shimron, dead in a Brooklyn courtyard — and her oldest sprog, Shawn, charged with throwing the little "boy" from a roof."

    I hope this becomes a nigger fad and groids start filming themselves throwing their own niglets off the roof. It's definitely a much healthier fad than licking ice cream and putting it back in the freezer.

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    This could just as well be in the TNB seckshun !!!!!!

    Let's see .........
    Odessa Frith’s household was dealing with lots of stress ..........
    Aside from Shawn’s illness, the electricity was turned off in most of the apartment, because another family member had stopped paying the bills.
    So how many famblies live in da same ape-partment? Lektrcity turned off for non-payment !!!!!!!

    Frith, who lived with her six children on Nostrand Avenue in Brooklyn ....
    .... he started acting strangely around his 19th birthday, hearing voices, but the diagnosis came when he was closer to age 20.
    Let's see ... little sprog Shimron was 4 ....
    So she's been breeding for 16 years .... so where beez the six baby daddies? Does the sow even know who the buck breeders are?

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    Nigger Odessa Frith claims, “The owner of the building didn’t even call to say ‘sorry.’ They didn’t even say you have my sympathy. Nothing.”
    - What a perfect example of entitled nigger attitude. How dare that Investment Banker that lives somewhere in China not pick up the phone to pass along his condolences for your TNB caused loss.

    It's amazing how in such a short article the mammy sow can cast so much blame on so many others. It blames the building management, the electric company, the social workers who were supposed to check in on her mentally ill (aren't all niggers mentally ill) son to ensure he was taking his meds, etc. Some nigger lawyer will soon beez filin' a lal-soot n' sheeit against all those muthafuggas. Niggers never claim any responsibility for things that happen to them or their sprogs for their situation in life, it's always someone else's fault and they are the victim even though they are the root cause for their problems.

    (As I prepare to type this, I fully realize that this is a waste of time but here goes nothing...)
    Hey niggers! Stop blaming others for your shitty lot in life. Get off your lazy ass and go to work, pay your bills, be a good neighbor, take pride in what you do, raise, educate, and provide for your children yourself without gov't. assistance, and don't commit crimes. If you could follow these simple life steps, you'll live an enriched life and your future generations will too.
    I have judged them by the content of their character and doing so has resulted in the same conclusion. They are niggers.

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    I thought schizophrenia required a somewhat functioning brain.

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    I had to laugh, because all niggers are Schizoid.

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    Default What We Can Do

    It is so frustrating. Nigger behaviour is troubling and deadly. The solution is to put them in cages. We can yell at niggers all we want but it is like yelling to a field of crickets to stop chirping and get a job. My patience has run out. I'm looking at patience in the rear view mirror. But we have to be calm and civilized in our manner and approach the problem with a reasonable and cold understanding. We have to have a policy that puts niggers in cages. It will be a nice cage. It will be a nice looking apartment complex with gates and access to food, health care, and negro entertainment. The alternative is to have to spend 52% on our collective budget to control 12.7% of the population. I have seen this done in Florida and Miami when the niggers were killing tourists. Problem solved. People can shop and talk and teach their kids about history. We have to use our ingenuity and creativity and spend a little money. We put people on the moon. It will be hard but we can fix the nigger problem.
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