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Thread: Ex-NBA simian in NU over gun charges

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    Default Ex-NBA simian in NU over gun charges

    NBA- Nigger BasketBrawl Apessociation playa beez sentenced to 3.5 years of NU scholarship due loaded gun possession in his hooptie. He had an emotional breakdown called category 5 chimpout, like every nigger animal caught by wranglers.

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    Officers pulled over Telfair in the early morning on June 11, 2017 after they said Telfair failed to turn his headlights on
    They arrested Telfair and his passenger after smelling weed in their pickup truck
    The officers searched the vehicle and found three loaded handguns, a submachine gun, extended magazines, ammunition and a ballistic vest
    My gosh ... it's another LIVE PD (& TNB) moment

    I've posted before about how bizarre niggers are on LIVE PD and ... thank goodness they're all so stupid, they don't know what can get them arrested.
    Be it:
    Failure to signal,
    License tag is expired or doesn't match car,
    Burned out tail lights, ... yada yada

    Niggers somehow manage to turn routine traffic stops into an assortment of significant crime busts.
    Their noses it appears to me are virtually numb to the smell of weed. It's like 90+% of them the cops stop, the smell of weed gives them probable cause to search the vehicle.

    Last episode of LIVE PD .. they stop an especially dumb nigga thief/druggie who threw a sock out of the hooptie and the sock was loaded with cash !!!!! Then the officer smells the usual weed ... and despite the fact the nigger had plenty of cash, it had just stolen some expense stuff from da likka sto, had assorted drugs, stolen goods galore (mostly clothes), and a special pair of pliers to remove security tags. Another nigga got caught speeding and was transporting 5 or 6 pounds of weed and had a suspended drivers license to boot. When the officer told it the truck reeked of weed, it said it didn't smell nuffins and da weed wazunt hiz. GEEZ.

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