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Thread: Another Mass Shooting in Philly Niggerhood

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    Default Another Mass Shooting in Philly Niggerhood

    Gunman Shoots 4 Men, 1 Teen in Philadelphia

    A day after six Philadelphia police officers were shot during an hourslong standoff in Nicetown-Tioga, at least five people were hurt during a shooting in the city's Ogontz neighborhood.
    The victims, four men and a teen boy, were on the 5800 block of North 15th Street Thursday afternoon when an unidentified gunman opened fire. That location is less than 3 miles from Wednesday's shootout.

    I know, I know, itís probably the totally unsurprising nigger-on-nigger crime, but it is telling that these mass shootings by the pavement apes are always buried in the news cycle. This one was right on top of the police casualties related to that other nigger fueled incident in the same city. I hadnít heard anything of this until I was perusing the Philly news. I used to live there back in the early 2000s.

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    The only thing that makes the liberal media head for the hills faster than nigger on nigger crime is nigger on white crime.

    And even if it's white on nigger crime, they'll only report on it if it fits their agenda.

    I remember during the 2016 election cycle, a homeless sheboon was holding a sign to the effect of: "Millions of homeless citizens and we protect 16 million illegal immigrants. Vote Trump."

    Given, she is still a nigger, but she is the rare nigger who said something that makes sense, I'll give her that.

    Well, a group of white Clinton supporters knocked her down, stole her sign and yelled obsenities at her. It was captured on video and went viral on youtube.

    And what a suprise, FOX News is the only one who reported on it.

    Imagine if the roles were reversed. Imagine if the homeless sheboon had been holding a sign supporting Clinton, and had been attacked by a group of white Trump supporters.

    Think that wouldn't have been all over CNN and MSNBC?

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