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Thread: Greetings from Niggerzona

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jenkumhuffer View Post
    I joined Niggermainia because I am tired of seeing the once predominantly human state of Arizona slowly become a nigger infested hell hole. I am extremely agitated over the infestation of niggers in my state and the area I pay good money to live in. These niggers have no business what so ever living around humans and the nigger coddling government is giving these niggers everything and we all know niggers are not entitled to even the turd my dog lays in the backyard! Aside from all of this, I have no desire to be around niggers and can not find even one single quality in the nigger species that is of benefit. The nigger is a failed experiment that should have been promptly returned to that fly infested, disease ridden cesspit Apefreaka! I'm glad I found this site and now have a place to vent that doesn't fall on deaf ears. I am truly grateful for this site and I hope I can contribute greatly.
    I no doubt speak for many here when I say:
    Save for the fact that I live in a state other than Arizona, I could have written your exact post, word for word.

    Welcome to Niggermania.
    Q: What's the worst thing you can call a black man, starting with N and ending with R?

    A: Neighbor

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jenkumhuffer View Post
    Nigrum Barbara,

    I am shocked that Tucson has not received a mass influx of niggers there yet. The areas around the Phoenix metro area that I frequent user to be predominantly white and a nigger sighting was very rare. I see them hanging out in places loitering and harassing humans when there is no way in hell I know they could afford to live in the area. Something is definitely going on because I have seen some of the worst kind of niggers imaginable move into neighborhoods that many humans dream of living in or work very hard to live in. The niggers I'm seeing are not the high stepping upity types, but the kind you pick from the lowest slums imaginable. Either way all niggers are the same and I dread even seeing upity niggers in my area!
    There are small pockets of American Street Coons here, but always in the usual places, i.e. section 8 housing. The periphery of Tucson and suburbs are pretty much nigger free. A fun fact on AZ crime - Did you know that, while niggers are only 4% of the population, they are over a quarter of murder suspects?

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    The smelly Somalis love the heat in Phoenix, and the freebies.
    We Do Not Accept EBT

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jenkumhuffer View Post
    I love Florida but the niggerfuxation of that state scares me. Surprisingly Florida is the one state I am considering moving to to get the hell out of this dump of state called Arizona. It is becoming overly populated here and all of the things that made Arizona worth living in are slowly going away and becoming unenjoyable. Who knows maybe I might be seeing ya soon up in the panhandle of Florida one of these days!
    Florida in general is becoming fuxated .......... BUT NOT THE PANHANDLE

    As I've posted before, our congressman has said "Trump in my district is as popular as oxygen."

    Come to cities like Gulf Breeze, Destin, Pensacola Beach, Fort Walton Beach and Navarre. Zip codes 32561 to 32566 are like living in HEAVEN in the context of both climate and being nigger free.

    The city of Pensacola itself is overloaded with niggers so please, stay away from the city itself.
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