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Thread: A Noose is Loose in Annapolis, MD!

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    Get back to me when they announce the name of the nigger that did it. But even when they find the nigger, identity will be hidden and nothing will be done.

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    The loop of rope was found on August 28 in a construction zone in Rickover Hall that is off-limits to faculty and staff, Naval Academy Superintendent Vice Admiral Sean Buck said in a statement.
    And one would presume it was also off-limits to students of the academy. So the question I have is what nigger student/faculty/staff violated the rules and entered an "off-limits" area and took the picture of the offending slipknot and claimed it was a noose. And will this nigger student/faculty/staff member be disciplined for violating the rules. Because it's obvious to me the rules have been violated.
    Niggers, they ruin everything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by red.foreman44 View Post
    Nigger complaints like this are a waste of the taxpayers money.
    Agreed,but I think in this case its just some shit nigger hired by the base to "work" on the site. "Look at dat rope. Ah jess use muh sailfoam..."
    You likes my new avatar? Its my girl Shaneequa.

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    A real noose has 13 loops.It is illegal to tie one in N.C. I had to learn 40 knots to turn out as a journeyman. When was the last time you tied a running bowlin with a bight, a sheepshank or a clove hitch?
    Non silba sed anthar

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