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Thread: Niggers claim Col. Sanders stole KFC from them

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    Default Niggers claim Col. Sanders stole KFC from them

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    Colonel Sanders stole his famous Fried Chicken recipe from a Black Woman named Mrs. Childress. He later paid her $1200 for her recipe

    So which one is it? He stole it or paid her for it?

    Can you show me 'Mrs. Childress's" patent for the recipe to back up your claim?

    How the hell are niggers cooking fried chicken? I don't see any deep fryers here, do you?

    Niggers forget that they are all from the stone age, that's as far as they have progressed, that's it:

    If you think you can debate a racist and win or prove us wrong, click on the link below:


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    Another "a nigger invented" myth. I like the comments posted on the thread.
    Niggers have a "hive" mind of "thinking." Nigger babble is also full of mutually exclusive statements—the claim that Col Sanders both stole AND paid for his famous chicken recipe is typical in nigger babble. Both claims are mutually exclusive and cannot both be true. A typical response from niggers when pointing this out is for the nigger to say something like, "ya, don't understand...." due to both it being unable to process two conflicting thoughts and its low vocabulary.
    Often, when one nigger will babble something and the rest of the niggers will either babble along with the first in agreement or they will shriek like monkeys in anger. In the unfortunate times I've had to be around large groups of niggers, I have seen this first hand. There is a group reinforcement among niggers that is unlike real people.
    For 60 years, the jigs were given "equal opportunity" and equal access to all things in society and they've consistently shown that this social experiment was a total failure.
    Today the best gibs program for the niggers is a 1st Class, one-way ticket back to Da Mudda' Lan to never return or pay niggers to get sterilized. Even at $50k per sterilization, it would pay for itself in a single fiscal year.
    Without the burden of niggers we'd be 20 years further advanced in science & technology

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    Completely stupid. Harland Sanders developed a method to pressure-fry chicken in oil, much the way ordinary folks use a household pressure cooker with water (steam). This allowed him to reduce frying time to mere minutes, preserving the unique flavor of KFC because the meat doesn't lose it's seasoning via a deep-fryer, nor is the flavor altered by a deep-fryer's variable temperature. In order to achieve this unique flavor, he tirelessly adjusted the seasoning recipe for months and months until it came out just right.

    So, stealing a recipe from someone would have been useless because the final recipe came about from his exhausting experiments. This is how us Humans get thing done, as opposed to the God-forsaken niggers.

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    The niggers want fried chiggun gibsmedats.

    They are going to use this specious argument as an excuse to rob KFC and steal all the fried chiggun.

    Nevermind the fact that Colonel Sanders paid the sheboon for the recipe. That is not theft.

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    And if anyone would know about stealing, it's nigs.

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    No patent and no proof. Where's the recipes so people can compare them?

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    Isnt this a niggermaniac practical joke about niggers inbentin da kay eff see recipie? Are niggers now appropriating our inside jokes?
    A leopard doesn't change his spots just because you bring him in from the jungle and try to housebreak him and turn him into a pet. He may learn to sheathe his claws in order to beg a few scraps off the dinner table, and you may teach him to be a beast of burden, but it doesn't pay to forget that he'll always be what he was born: a wild animal.

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    Fried Chicken was a southern dish made by white immigrants of European descent, mostly from Scotland. White southerners invented american fried chicken as we know it. Aunt Jemima was just pulled off the cotton fields to help stir the hot lard pots and nothing else.

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    Yet again, the niggers are so full of shit they need a laxative.

    I doubt very much that Harland Sanders paid a nigger woman over a thousand dollars for a fried chicken recipe at all because a thousand dollars back then was a LOT of money, and he simply didn't have it.

    Mr. Sanders was poor and he struggled mightily to keep his wife and children fed, found himself working a lot of jobs- ultimately losing them in one way or another, until he found his niche selling gasoline at his small service station. The service station was the first stability of income he ever had in his life to that point.

    The reason why he started his restaurant in the beginning was that when customers came to fill up or get some other kind of service at his station, they'd smell his cooking and want to buy some of it.

    Soon the selling of his food outstripped the money he made from selling gas, and he switched over to that.

    He was doing great until a new highway cut traffic away from his business, and he was again desperate to find a way to support himself, and pretty much created the idea of franchising, or at least he's credited with a lot of the idea.

    These damn niggers make me sick, whenever someone does something good or is successful, they want to claim it as their own whether they had anything even remotely to do with it or not.

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