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Thread: Tyrone applies to join the police force

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    Default Tyrone applies to join the police force

    There has been some depressing news on here lately, so it's always good to have a laugh at them when we can. Here's one that I just heard:

    Tyrone has applied to join the police force. The recruiting officer doesn't really want to employ him, but has to go throught the motions so he starts with some simple tests:

    "First, some basic maths. What's one and one?"

    Tyrone thinks for a moment. "Daaa... one plus one... dat's eleven."

    "Hmm." says the officer, "Well, that's an answer, though not the one that I expected. OK then, name two weekdays beginning with the letter T."

    Tyrone considers then replies "Dat'll be today and tomorrow."

    "Er, right," says the officer. "One last question. Who killed Abraham Lincoln?"

    Tyrone says that he doesn't know.

    "Well then," says the officer, "Go home and come back when you've found out."

    Tyrone goes home and his fambly ask him how it went.

    "Great!" he says. "Mah first day in da force an' they've awreddy gibben me a murder case!"

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    Nice joke, although a nigger applying a job is highly unlikely.

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    I don't normally read anything in this section, but that was pretty damn funny.

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