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Thread: Uk cook crime

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    Default Uk cook crime

    A large national chemist(drugstore)BOOTS, has caused outrage by putting high security tags on nigger hair care products in it's stores,even though more expensive bottles of shampoo for humans don't have the tags on.dat be raysist n sheet

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    Notice that nobody is "outraged" that niggers steal this stuff. No, they're "outraged" because the company has taken this action in response to nigger thievery. They want the company to be politically correct by shutting up and accepting the financial losses.

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    Default P

    The same happened here when Walmart started locking nigger hair products in cages in stores with the highest rate of theft, and of course with the nigger brains lack of ability to comprehend this, ‘it beez rayciss’

    The only thing in this world that niggers leave intact is their stereotypes.

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    The UK is a socialist dump. I would bet five quid they arrest the management for hate crimes. Uk is too far gone. Shows you where we are headed

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    It's no surprise what is locked up in stores and what isn't.
    Why should I be inconvenienced or stigmatized for the actions of niggers?
    Niggers just don't like the truth, whether it's spoken, written, or tacit.
    They have a curious attraction for money and shiny shit they didn't earn.

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