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Thread: 200 million muslim niggers is Nigeria

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    Default 200 million muslim niggers is Nigeria

    One in every 7 niggers world wide lives in Nigeria. It is an AIDS hell hole with conservatively 3 million AIDS infected niggers .whites are less than 1%. Here is the problem: every 9 minutes one of these niggers escapes and the USA is high on the list. At a birth rate average of 5.6 per female can you imagine the implosion coming? Someone has to feed and care for this cauldron of disease. Id rather build a wall there than the Mexico border.


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    Hey, Nigeria is a great place. I get lots of email from princes there who want to share their huge bank accounts with me, if only I'll put up some money to help them get out of some jam they're in. They choose me because my reputation as a person of honor and integrity has spread all the way to Nigeria.

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    There is that site where those princes are trolled to their loss of time and funds!

    But those niggerian princes are the exact kind of personalities niggers think of when they think of royalty. The king scammers!

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