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Thread: Apefreaken American Studies Perfessa does a joke of a Joker movie review for NY Times

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    Red face Apefreaken American Studies Perfessa does a joke of a Joker movie review for NY Times

    This kind of shyte used to be consigned to smaller publication. Now 100% gorilla shit like this gets into the NY Times. I haven't seen the Joker and will wait till I can see it for free, but the leftist nigturds are making a big stink over this flick; ironically driving up its sales.
    The Real Threat of ‘Joker’ Is Hiding in Plain Sight

    What the film wants to say — about mental illness or class divisions in society — is not as interesting as what it accidentally says about whiteness.

    "The fact that the Joker is a white man is central to the film’s plot."
    The Joker was white from day 1. Did he ever read a DC comic book?

    " A black man in Gotham City (really, New York) in 1981 suffering from the same mysterious mental illnesses as Fleck would be homeless and invisible."
    And he is living in the lap of luxury? He is one step above homeless and in real life a white guy like him would be in dire straights too in 1981.

    "Black men dealing with Fleck’s conditions are often cast aside by society,"
    So are white people too, just like Fleck in this movie. What a clueless faux nig "academic".

    "There are other ways that whiteness informs Fleck’s character. He anticipates he’ll be treated as a son by the Wayne family,"
    He is delusional, you cretin. Delusional people often think that way regardless of race.
    This POS is guess what? Lawrence Ware, Teaching Assistant Professor and Co-Director of the Center for Niggerish Studies.
    Lawrence Ware is co-director of the Africana Studies Program and Teaching Assistant Professor and Diversity Coordinator in the Department of Philosophy. He is a contributing writer to Slate Magazine, The New York Times and The Root. He has been a commentator on niggerness and politics for the Shittington Post Live, NPR, and TV One. Lawrence has taught and lectured across the country on issues ranging from niggerness to economic policy. He organizes the Critical Conversations series, which hosts a number of events on campus related to niggerness, gender, and religion.
    Ook the Spookey!
    I don't see races. I see humans, then niggers.
    Hoping for a Nigger Free Environment

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    Batman first came on the scene in the late 1930's,when niggers were far from anybodies minds.if you had a nigger Joker ,kids wouldn't plunk there dime and today niggers would scream racist Joker be a black man,so a lost cause all around.

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