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Thread: Houston Symphony vs Niggers and Affirmative Action

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    Niggers ... mixing with classical music ......
    It's like putting saltwater sharks in with freshwater bass & trout.

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    I only know of one Apefrican who plays an instrument (trumpet) on the level you’d need to perform in a serious symphony and even he would chimp out at the musical selections. I used to volunteer for a performing arts group near where I live and he came as a guest conductor during camp (bleh) and I overheard him monkey-screech that, ‘I hated classical music because it made my ears wanna commit suicide.’

    He’s what you would call the rare uppity type of spear chucker....even he hates it so you know the above statements are completely true.
    Please avoid the groid

    Groidification n. the slow downturn of an urban center due to negroid activity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Niggersareshit View Post
    Believe I read somewhere the London Transit Authority had started playing classical music in the subway station's to keep the niggers at bay.
    Good! We need that in Canuckistan to keep the niggers down and submissive.
    Pizza for humans, dirt pizza for nigger animals.

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    I have spent a lot of time in and around music in various capacities. Niggers are almost never found in any serious musical endeavor beyond public school. In predominantly nigger areas like cities, the band programs are high stepping nigger nonsense the same as in the nigger colleges. That said, I have yet to encounter any nigger music student that could actually read music. They all play by ear and mimicry.

    Once you get to the serious amateur and of course pro levels, there are essentially no niggers. The discipline required to perform at that level is not present in niggers. They simply cannot perceive the need to practice now for success in the future. In years of playing, I have encountered 1 nigger that wanted to join a serious group I was in. She lasted a week or so. The came in late to rehearsals, did not wait for a break in the practice to take her seat. Later, the director asked her to be more polite and considerate if she had to come in late. She chimped out and quit.

    The best part, this nigger bitch was a school music teacher!
    Some obsolete farm equipment is better than others.

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    Playing an instrument professionally requires a level of dexterity, years of study and proficiency not found in niggers. Them chimps are good at running, lifting weights, jumping or pushing (just like I will never run faster than a cheetah, be stronger than a gorilla, etc), but that skill is out of their reach. Anything involving the frontal lobe in general shows the many years of evolution between us humans and them niggers.

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    You brought up a good point. Ape-firmative action does not work when real talent is required and cannot be hidden from view of the public or assigned to a make-work job that only exists to fill in the check-in-the-box that Company ABCXYZ has its quota of niggers. A symphony orchestra must have absolute, real talent and dedication. No amount of ape-asement can "fake" musical abilities in real music. The only "music" that niggers can achieve is the (c)rap which consists of monkey screeching and glorifying murder, rape and drug use. Enlightening entertainment is not something that niggers want anyway.
    For 60 years, the jigs were given "equal opportunity" and equal access to all things in society and they've consistently shown that this social experiment was a total failure.
    Today the best gibs program for the niggers is a 1st Class, one-way ticket back to Da Mudda' Lan to never return or pay niggers to get sterilized. Even at $50k per sterilization, it would pay for itself in a single fiscal year.
    Without the burden of niggers we'd be 20 years further advanced in science & technology

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    Thank you so much, because you exactly understand my point. Even the coddlers don't want surgery, or taxes, or Mahler, performed by a nigger!!!

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